I’ll never forget the moment.

I was on the people mover at the Denver Airport going to my gate. It was a long ride as my gate was at the very end of the terminal.
I was standing there on the conveyer belt – which first of all was weird because I’d usually be nervously running, rushing to my gate (driven by anxiety, I always had to be early so that I could control any bad things that could happen 🙄).
So here I was being conveyed along in what felt like a mystical state that I can only describe as a delicious relaxed energy coursing through my entire body – with tears welling up and likely wearing a goofy smile, I stood there acknowledging and feeling into my own transformation.
Holy shit! It suddenly dawned on me that this is not me.
No, this is the new me.

It was a moment to behold

This was a milestone in my emotional and trauma healing journey. “This is a miracle,” I whispered to myself and entered a state of deep gratitude (right there on the people mover) for the profound processing and releasing work I had done that got me to this point.
The next thing that flashed before me was: “Is this real? Could this feeling be real? Will it stay? God, please let it stay!”
As the people mover continued to roll along so did my awareness – turning now to the calm that I was floating in. The whisper came back, “Yes, this is for real and it will stay.”

All of this to say that there was a part of me that was in total disbelief that I could feel this good – anxiety free – in a situation that previously would have had me frazzled and on edge. Synchronistically, my people mover ride delivered me to my gate exactly as I had completed my celebrated “emotional inquiry.” I strolled to the plane confident of my place in the world and my trust that there was more healing to come!

Rewiring the mind, toning the nervous system  

That was early in my immersive exploration of how to make difficult emotions my allies through this revolutionary healing system. And there was more healing to come. Layer-by-layer the trauma peeled away and I finally could release the self-doubt, anger (lots of anger!), sadness, addictions, depression, guilt. I could almost feel my mind rewiring itself, my nervous system becoming toned and resilient.
This is what I want for you.
And that’s why I teach this… to be a trusted guide for those who are wanting to learn how to direct their mind to gain control of their inner world. We combine a small group setting with Eastern wisdom teachings informed by Western brain science and amplified by the judicious use of cannabis and/or psilocybin microdosing.

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With Love,
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