Yes, I can be wrong (sometimes 😜). And it’s a privilege to receive constructive feedback from our community when things can be clarified.

Having said that, I got push-back from my blog last week in regard to my mention of THC distillate being referred to in some circles as “THC crack”.

But as I realize now, I ended up throwing the baby out with the bathwater and have some amends to make as I explain in this week’s blog:


So as I say, I got push-back on my last blog/vlog with some fine connoisseurs of cannabis saying that I was in the wrong for, as one individual put it, “calling different kinds of cannabis better than others.” I had mentioned that THC distillate has been referred to as “Crack THC”. Distillates are described as a form of concentrate that use a solvent to extract parts of the plant, like THC.

What happened was that I questioned distillates as a vehicle to higher consciousness suggesting THC distillate is more of a vehicle to emotional numbing.

Well, I misspoke and let me tell you why.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what form THC comes in, because THC, in any form, whether it’s flower or concentrates – can be turned into a vehicle for numbing, if that is what the person wants. For example, if somebody is smoking high THC flower or dabbing THC concentrates multiple times a day, it’s a prescription for emotional numbing.

Now, maybe emotional numbing is what somebody wants. And that’s a whole other conversation we can have at another time. My area of interest is the delicate intersection between a form of meditation and the amount of cannabis one is taking to amplify the meditative practice. Amplifying. Not numbing.

And, having said that, here’s where my apology and clarification come: that just like cannabis flower, concentrates – like distillate, wax, shatter and oil, can also be used successfully for Inner exploration. In fact, colleagues tell me that oftentimes concentrates where terpenes, for instances, have been removed, work better for them. They have a more clear-headed psycho-activity for that inner exploration.

The understanding of cannabis concentrates and when and how to apply them is a high level of sophistication. I mean the person who’s just beginning to explore cannabis’ ability to help them be in touch with their Inner Self, needs simple and straightforward approaches first and foremost. Much of our community is at this early stage – you gotta start somewhere.

That’s why I love to have you share your, what I call, “Field reports” so our community is creating a map for those who are looking for guidance … a compass if you will. Cannabis affects everyone differently, so while you may not experience any negative effects from certain products, others might throw you under the bus – although cannabis has been proven to be safe – you just try a different approach next time.

But above all, I stick with my suggestion to “Start low and go slow” and at the same time, as you gain experience, don’t be afraid to go all the way!”

What’s your thinking on the subject? Have I made proper amends? Let me know in the comments section below.

I’m BW, And I want you to lead a magnificent life. And I want to help you do that.