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The Emotional Liberation Experience

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What Students Are Saying

Ingrid talks about the group dynamic where students take-on the name of their favorite mythological or fantasy creature and video is hidden… 

“I loved the anonymity in Becca’s course because it allowed us to be vulnerable without being known. One of the things I most benefited from is the value of bringing strangers together into a space of learning and learning from each other in a really deep way through what Becca has provided.”

Ouroboros, using her mythical alias, discusses learning the language of emotions…

“Becca helped me to not be a captive to my emotions – that I’m in control of them. I definitely recommend this course because it opens you up to things that might have been buried for a long time. Accepting the emotions and learning to work with them is a life-changing thing that Becca is teaching.”

Garfield’s insights on how the use of cannabis plant medicine enhances emotional recovery… 

“Becca helped me realize the power of meditation and talking and listening to my heart. The cannabis helped me focus – so I don’t have a racing brain during meditation. It helped me to focus on what is bothering me. Now I use it more as a medicine to help me, to guide me on my path. “

Event Success Stories

“The emotional journey was amazing. I came into this tense and in an emotional lockdown. It’s awesome how calm and relaxed I feel in such a short time.”

– Lauren B.

“POWERFUL. Inspiring. Unique. Special. The breathing exercises were incredible – I felt them deep in my bones. Since the session releasing feelings of fear, shame, guilt and other negative emotions from my body is now a consistent practice.”

– Lisa F.

“Becca you have been an amazing addition to my life. Your teachings and learning from you has been a large part in my step towards healing”

– Amanda W.

“It is so helpful to be able to use the [cannabis] medicine in a safe and sacred spot for its intended purpose.”

– Eric F.

“Becca you are welcoming and make the experience fun and enjoyable while releasing not so fun emotions!”

– Jan A.

“I especially enjoyed the activities that involve movement – it helped quiet my busy mind and is a nice change from traditional meditation.”

– Kyle S.

“This session was just as powerful as the first one I attended yet quite different. I felt much more in control knowing the format and was able to explore deeper what I wanted to and felt more inclined to go further into my strength and potential with the kriyas. They for me are unlimited in depth.”

– Michael M.

“With Becca’s Emotional Liberation approach I gained new tools and felt safe enough to delve into the deeply buried emotions from my past. Through this work, I was able to meet and greet these difficult emotions without judgment, and question how they served me. This process allowed me to stand with my emotions introspectively and create new and effective ways to deal with them.”

– Sharon K.

“I really love your vibe. You give the kind of love that an understanding grandmother radiates. Not calling you old 😉 It’s exactly what a 20-year-old guy truly needs (though not many will admit that, haha). We are unconsciously taught to repress our emotions and it adds up. I think that’s why so many of us have “anger issues”.”

– Ben D

“The session put me in a place where I felt I could evaluate what I was feeling, both physically and emotionally, in a way that pulled me out of my emotional response.”

– Patti R.

“This was a whole new experience for me. Initially, I was apprehensive as my interest was more focused on Pranayama and my familiarity/comfort level with cannabis was slightly above none. With that said the ceremony enabled me to progress further than what I’ve been able to accomplish with meditation and study alone. I found the experience rewarding.”

– John H

“When we started I was jaded, frustrated, not super willing and a bit dissociated. I’m in something that looks like a relationship breakup. Now I feel clear and powerful and peaceful and EXCITED!”

– Matt G. 

“I thought we were just going to enjoy cannabis together, but wow, how I underestimated that.”

– Andrew B.

“How comfortable & welcoming the environment you provide & how safe it felt to experience feelings & movement of emotion. Thank you!”

– Sarah G.

“I had a lot of incessant thoughts and anxiety before. I feel so calm and rejuvenated now. It was really healing and enjoyable.”

– Matt S. 

“I felt calm and peace for sure in my normally racing mind. Also the physical work made me feel I had a force field of warmth protecting me.”

– John G.

“I had a lot of ruminating thoughts and re-living bad experiences and felt that I was able to shed them in the session.”

– Colleen R.

“I loved the guided psycho-spiritual journey and appreciated having a ceremonial space that made it feel powerful!”

– Jason C.

“Your offerings have been a very integral part of what I feel has been a breakthrough for me and now an ongoing transformation, Thank you Becca!”

– Michael M.

“I feel like setting aside time to go through these issues (anxiety, sadness) was very helpful and helped me gain peace.”

– Madeline S. 

“I found the day after added to my experience and provided even more perspective and it continues, thank you.”

– John H.

“I can not tell you how much I loved the ceremony. You actually visited me in my dreams Saturday night. It was really cool. I don’t remember the exact interaction but it was neat. I have already incorporated 2 of the breath practices into my daily meditation. I feel so alive when I am done.”

– Andrea D.

“After we were done with our session, I finally felt this overwhelming peace that I was on the right path and doing exactly what I need to do to find myself. And I still feel the effects of our session. I still feel confident about the progress that I made. Looking forward to the next one so that I can deal and learn more!”

– Trisha M.

“It was a privilege spending Saturday evening in ceremony and tea with you. I had so many dreams that night, it felt like a lot of things processing. And into the following day. You’re Great at teaching this.”

– T. Brown

“Thank you so very much for such a beautiful evening and experience. I wanted to share with you just how moved I was by your gift. I was able to move through layers and experience my true inner self in such a beautiful space.”

– Michelle M.

Becca is an engaging facilitator. She knows how to welcome people without being intrusive. Becca also knows how beginners might feel; she is encouraging without being condescending. The exercises opened up some unmet needs and some emotions that want to stay buried. Amazing how that happens from just knowing some of the physical attachments to the spiritual plane. Thanks, Becca!

– Jane L.

“The elevation session with Becca was a magical experience of introspection and breath work that brought clarity and awareness of intention. A perfect foundation for the coming year. Grateful how everything happens in perfect timing.”

– Michael M.

“I feel that setting aside time to go through these [my] issues was very helpful and helped me gain peace.”

– MM

“What a journey! The whole ceremony was amazing start to finish – Transformation from this night is huge. So much gratitude for this gift, Becca.”

– Michelle F.

“Becca has been instrumental in helping me heal. We need more like her!”

– Larisa B.

“Becca! You are doing such great things! Looks like you were born to do this.”

– Shelley M.

“Thank you again for a wonderful evening Becca. Your genuine nature and clear insight was very much appreciated.”

– William C.

“You are very talented and a fresh flower in the world.”

– Randy B.

“Life changing. I was broken down to my inner child and rebuilt back up. Amazing experience. Becca is just such a wonderful person.”

– Andrew B.

“Your sessions are a blessing and I look forward to more in the new year.”

– S.S.

“My goal was to continue my journey of self care and self discovery and this night achieved that.”

– Cody W.

“At first I felt doubtful and insecure and left feeling strong and knowing what I needed to do when I left.”

– Ashlie S.

“My ability to address these [difficult] emotions without feeling hysterical surprised me.”

– Anosua M.

“I was hopeful at the end of the ceremony. I have found a new path and look forward to more work on myself”

– Barb J.

Lisa Sasevich

“I’ve done plant medicine ceremonies in three different countries and have meditated since I was 19 years old. But putting the combination of cannabis together with kundalini-like active meditation is a game changer.”

Lisa Sasevich
– CEO, The Invisible Close

Susan Allen

“Becca has unmasked the hidden potential of cannabis to marry it with ancient active meditation for transformative healing”.

Susan Allen
– CEO, Next Level Functional Nutrition

“Microdosing cannabis and psilocybin has been shown to enhance the process of neuroplasticity – the ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections in the brain to develop new patterns of thought and behavior helping to overcome limiting subconscious beliefs.”

– Becca Williams

In Becca’s Masterclass groups, courses and personal sessions, she helps people heal from emotional trauma through an immersive program that informs both the cognitive (brain) and the intuitive (your Inner guide). Her practice integrates cutting-edge neuroscience with ancient healing modalities utilizing expressive movement, meditation & breathwork techniques – with the judicious use of plant amplifiers. Subscribe and join Becca for exploring this revolutionary approach to Emotional Liberation®.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Psilocybin is a largely illegal substance and we do not encourage or condone its use where it is against the law. However we accept that illegal drug use occurs and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe. For that reason this information is designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use plant medicine.