It never ceases to amaze me how others who discuss or experience my emotions work, can cut right to the chase and eloquently sum it up … often in a way I’d never think to express it!
So when I saw it, I loved Jo Nuding’s one-liner about my work:
“Are you ready to get to the bottom of your issues and finally stop feeling like shit?”

Well, that about says it all – and is the thrust of what we talk about in her Casually Baked, podcast (make that potcast). Jo’s a terrific interviewer (in fact, voted one of the 100 Outstanding Podcasts of 2018) so it’s with great pleasure that I share this interview with you. The interview begins at 13:48:

Experience the Relief!

Whether you’re new to what I do, or an old hand coming back because it feels so good, I invite you to my event this Saturday: Advanced Techniques to Tone Your Mind, Brain & Nervous System.

Working with emotions can create windows into higher states of consciousness for deep emotional healing, which is how I released all that emotional turmoil (and trauma!) and why I teach this process! In my Emotional Liberation® work, we optionally add cannabis and/or psilocybin microdosing to amplify and accelerate the integration process. I offer these sessions about once a month so that you can begin to learn to skillfully “surf” your emotions.
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With Love, Becca

What People Are Saying...

What People Are Saying…

“To her growing community, Becca excels at prompts to look at things in a new way by combining responses to emotional triggers with a new sense of stability.”
 – Athena, Colorado 
“Letting memories come up and remembering and dealing with certain memories AND having you as a teacher, host, and guide is truly incredible.”
 – Julie M, Florida

“With Becca’s approach I gained new tools and felt safe enough to delve into the deeply buried emotions from my past. Through this work, I was able to meet and greet these difficult emotions without judgment, and question how they served me. This process allowed me to stand with my emotions introspectively and create new and effective ways to deal with them. Thank you for your love, Becca!”

 – Sharon K, Germany
“Becca helped me realize the power of meditation and talking and listening to my heart. The cannabis helped me focus – so I don’t have a racing brain during meditation. It helped me to focus on what is bothering me. Now I use it more as a medicine to help me to guide me on my path.”
 – Garfield W, Colorado
“I am so happy I found you. As a person who suffered from cptsd and social anxiety amongst the other things I have always approached smoking in this way. Everything about this enlivens my heart with gratitude and just plain yeeeeeeesssss!”
– LoveLoveStrong, Youtube