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The beautiful part is that I do not have to convince you of the transformative dimensions of this life-changing method. You are already experiencing the unfolding of your authentic Self through this step-by-step Emotional Expansion.

Release Emotional Turmoil to Live Your Best Life

  • Master the Full Emotional Liberation Program to resolve even your most troubling feelings

  • Understand the purpose and gifts of all troubling emotions, including our upcoming 2021 exploration of:

    • Trauma informed Shame & Guilt

    • Anxiety and Shame

    • Anger and Sadness

  • Heal the wounds of earlier trauma and release toxic coping mechanisms

  • Practice 55 specific techniques for quick access to relief on demand

  • Use empathic sensitivity to act – not react

  • Develop a life-long set of skills to use in any tough situation

  • Cultivate healthy emotional habits and energetic boundaries • Seal your ability to feel better and not “take on” other people’s energy

  • Turn troubling emotions into your allies

• Weekly live group coaching & lecture sessions
 Under Becca’s expert guidance, you will learn from others, ask questions and receive help making real improvements to both your inner and outer quality of life
• Weekly live Saturday am practice & group sharing
This 2nd weekly session is designed to reinforce behavioral changes, keep you engaged and growing and practice your personal cannabis/CBD protocols
• New guided Emotional Liberation practices each week 
To form the foundation to continue your transformational journey and fuel your personal evolution
• Pre-course assessments 
So you can notice emotional patterns, track your personal growth and see how far you’ve come
• Peer support in the group sessions 
Builds safety, trust, confidence and helps you understand that everyone has common emotional upsets and patterns from the past – and can heal them!
• Exclusive members’ only online private forum
You’re familiar with this forum and the beneficial ability to share your challenges and triumphs while doing the work
• Access to recordings of all sessions of all modules you were enrolled in 
Includes access to all lectures, coaching and practices for 1 year following completion of your last Masterclass module

Bonus Stack

You’ll be getting these awesome bonuses at no extra charge when you enroll for the completion of the Master Series:

Bonus: Twice monthly LIVE group coaching sessions during our integration “off-months” (March 2021; June 2021; Sept 2021; Dec 2021)

You’ll have support all the way through! Becca wants you to stay true to yourself and stay on track with these twice a month group 90-minute LIVE mentoring and coaching sessions

Bonus: Private coaching session with Becca per module

Deepen your journey with one-to-one focused mentoring. (Additional sessions available in Custom Mentoring Support Package. Talk to me.)

Bonus: With your registration you will get free access to private & limited events

Events vary from Psychedelic Cannabis sessions, Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies and personalized events

Bonus: Join Becca LIVE for one of her in-person retreats in 2021/2022

Our intention is that the COVID-19 lock-down will conclude at some point in 2021 or 2022. As a registrant of the full Master Course Series you will get early access and 50% off retreat tuition. A $900 – $2500 value (depending on length of retreat)

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Regular Tuition: $897


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3 Modules (Completion of Series)

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Emotional Liberation Master Series

Regular Tuition: $2,691


or 9 payments of $227/month

(Includes: Spring, Summer and Fall of YOUR Awakening)

100% Money Back Guarantee within 14 days

(Guarantee Begins With Start of Course)

What Students Are Saying

What Students Are Saying

“It was time to learn more and dig deeper and that’s what this course does. It was pretty major. It gets to the heart of things right away.”

– Chris, California

“I’m excited to continue this “deep dive” work, as it truly is industrial strength healing! While it’s not always pretty or pleasant to witness the emotions that have troubled me, learning to become my own witness is essential. See them and feel them. Self assess. Let them come up and out, walk towards them, through them. Allow them – Grow!”

– Laura, Ireland

“I would absolutely recommend anyone to be working with Becca. She is an amazing spiritual teacher who has the techniques to help you go through and challenge yourself in areas where you want to grow.”

– Linda, Massachusetts

This course challenges you to dive deep into your emotions and your spirit and find what makes you tick. The reward is knowing yourself. It’s made a big difference to me and my wife; my attitude has changed a lot.”

– David, California

“I loved the anonymity in Becca’s course because it allowed us to be vulnerable without being known. One of the things I most benefited from is the value of bringing strangers together in a space of learning and learning from each other in a really deep way through what Becca has provided.”

– Ingrid, Utah