Have you noticed? Spirituality has a “language” all its own. And it can be impenetrable. As someone who over many years (decades) desperately tried to decode it to figure out how I could free myself of the anxiety, self-doubt and anger that ravaged my life, I grew weary of verbiage that came out of the mouths of holy men but left me cold in trying to ascribe any meaning to it.
For instance: This from a well known guru out of India who has millions of followers.
He speaks of quieting the mind:

“It is just that you’re being deceived by the imagination of your mind.”

He talks about the cause and effect of “becoming identified with things we are not.” 

He tells his students when one is identified with things they are not – such as material possessions, family, education, etc. a quiet mind becomes an impossibility.

What’s that again?! 

Even his followers have a hard time wrapping their head around his teachings. Here are some comments:
“I really respect him. But he never actually tells how to do things. He tells the benefits or what the thing is itself but never how to do that which the title says.” (384 👍 on this comment).
“I still don’t exactly know what to do.”
“There is no straight forward answer… You need to decode his speech to understand what the actual point is.”
“I wish I could disengage [from my mind]. What IS the device? (I can never quiet my mind, so I am quite mad)”
“Can someone tell me the answer in one sentence?”

It’s like someone giving you the keys to the castle but you can’t find the lock!  

I don’t mean to pick on this holy guy because there are literally countless sources of this kind of impenetrable inspiration …both contemporary and ancient from New Age gurus to the venerable “Soul Poets” (think in terms of Rumi and Kabir) and the Hindu texts including the Vedas and Puranas or the koans of Buddhism.

“If we are like melting snow, we will be free of ourselves because we will let go of ourselves.”

Ok. Just tell me how to do it! 

It appears that those in the know are capable of expressing the ecstasy at having crossed over into “enlightenment” or “awakening” but leaves many of us wondering how to reach this place of calm, centered clarity for ourselves.
For those grappling with difficult emotions, people often visit these writings in hopes of finding a map for emotional healing. But, back in the day, from my experience, although I marveled at the prose and poetry, it was much like being a non-speaker of French admiring the cadence and delicate flow of that Romance Language. And not understanding a word of it!

So it’s with great relief and deep gratitude that several years ago, my path lead me to an emotional release process that offers a step-by-step method to move out of emotional suffering to release self-limiting patterns that ruled my life and undermined my relationships. For this reason I happily gave up a lucrative and high profile career as a television reporter, anchor and producer to arrive at my destiny. And that is supporting others in finding their way to the, ahem, promised land.
Do you have thoughts on this? Have you encountered what I’m talking about? Or are you in a good place because of the spiritual teachings, prose and poetry? Click here and let me know; I always love to hear from you!
With Love,

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