What I do isn’t for everyone. That’s probably a HUGE understatement.


Because I invite people to engage with me so they can learn to regulate and control their emotions. I teach them how to train your brain to manage your emotions and – on the spiritual or mystical side, pursue a path of radical Inner transformation that releases trauma. The trick is to get your emotions in check first. Cannabis and psilocybin microdosing can be potent allies in helping to do this.

To work with me a person needs to be at the stage where they’re ready to go in and take a good, honest look at themself. It’s not easy. As my students remind me, what we do is efficient – but it’s not always easy.

And not everybody’s ready to do that!

In my world there are generally 3 categories of people:


These are people who have little or no interest in self-exploration (yet). They’re often bored or lonely – usually entangled in messy relationships. Yet the pain of being stuck is still preferable to what it takes to change. They’re not ready to do the deep inner exploration so my work is pretty meaningless to them. Often these folks will be either enmeshed in their career (as in workaholism) or have other addictions to distract them from their stuck lives. However, often a life-changing event will throw them into the next category.


These are people who are called to take their next meaningful step into deeper Self-exploration – even if it’s scary, these guys are explorers and adventurers. They might have been searching and trying all kinds of things with limited success – for years, even decades. Many stumble across me.


These are people who have been doing serious work on themselves for years. This includes active meditators, yogis and psychedelic explorers, who’ve had a measure of success but feel there’s something missing. As one of my students recently put it: “I’ve met a lot of meditators that have been meditating a long time but they still have problems with their emotions.”

It’s usually the Seekers and Polishers who are drawn to pursue my emotions work. It often resonants as they’re intrigued by how emotions can serve as their “inner guidance system”. They also welcome the intentional use of psilocybin microdosing and cannabis in this equation (although it’s always optional).

And they’re often grappling (a little or a lot) with unruly emotions as well – like anxiety, anger, depression, sadness, guilt, or self-doubt (or maybe a bunch of them at one time). I invite students (who all keep their anonymity) to bring their authentic emotional Self into our space; there’s laughing, there’s crying, there’s heartfelt sharing.

One thing I tell my students at the opening of any course I teach is, “I’m probably going to trigger you.”

That is, I could likely say something, do something, or not do something that a person could react to and become upset with me. I explain that if and when this happens, it’s an excellent opportunity to practice healthy communications within our group rather than go sulking off.

Otherwise, it’s the same old, same old… that person will likely take their heavy emotion(s) out into their daily life and alienate others. It’s a behavior that’s an embedded repeating pattern in their life.

When I give that disclaimer, I usually get a little chuckle from our groups. But it’s something important to put on the table right at the beginning. Some people who believe they’re ready to tackle the underlying causes of their troubling emotions, later find that they aren’t ready to do that. (Actually, that’s why I always give a 14-day full refund). It can be a scary, unsettling and even triggering process as the energy moves through the body for release.

Ingrid talked recently about her experience in releasing emotions and trauma:

“The work has been powerful for me because it allows me to settle my heart and the pain I’ve carried for my entire life. I was able to get in touch with emotions that are buried under layers of programming, behavior and protective responses to recognize that my core wound is what’s causing all this pain and then addressing it.”

For Ingrid and most others who commit to this emotions work, taking the deep dive for these pearls of intuitive wisdom and healing are the signature purpose of this Emotional Expansion study.

If this sounds like something that you’re ready for, I invite you to hop on my waiting list for early details and registration savings. Our next Emotional Expansion 8-week course starts in January.

Hit reply and let me know if you have questions or comments about any of what I said:)

With Love,


P.S. Really, if this resonants for you, take the time to find out more and register for more information!