I don’t like that term – self-help junkie – never have.

The term feels flakey and insinuates failure. Loosely, it refers to someone who pursues self-help approaches and doesn’t follow-through with action.
And believe me, personally I pursued a lot of self-help approaches looking for a way out of my emotional pain.
Maybe that’s you too? “Seeker” is a more apt description, I’d suggest. But we’re just seeking until we find a solution, right?
And maybe that’s why you are open to receiving my blogs and videos in regard to emotional healing. You’re looking because you long for an end to your emotional pain. And there’s something that resonants for you in the discussion of my Emotional Liberation method that sounds true to you.

Here’s the secret to why what I teach may be where your search ends.

We can’t think our way out of what we’re feeling. But so many approaches – like talk therapy – are predicated on that. Sure they might lighten the load when you talk it out. But is there long lasting change? (If there were, you wouldn’t still be searching.)
In Emotional Liberation, there are two approaches to this work. One is the thinking way – or the cognitive (that is, using your mind). And we seriously leverage that in our time together. I teach you the spectrum of difficult emotions and then … as a group, discussing our experiences, our challenges, our victories in putting your new found tools to work. This cognitive approach is to understand what the emotions are trying to do so that you can help them do it.
And then we have the intuitive or meditative approach, where we set the mind aside, going into active and expressive meditation practices. In this potent facet of this Emotional Liberation work, you set aside the mind and all that “trying to figure it out yourself” stuff, that hasn’t worked. You learn to go into the emotion and be in a direct conversation with it – this is the felt experience of awareness – not that of the thinking mind. In this deeply profound exploration, we bring what ails you out of the darkness and into the light so that you can heal it.

Are you ready to turn the corner and enter a new phase of your life? 

Then come with me by joining this extraordinary 8-week Masterclass Course: Spring of YOUR Awakening so you can learn how to direct your mind to get control of your Inner world… for now and always.

This course is for you if:

  • You’re ready to honor what your emotions are telling you and learn how to forge an unbreakable partnership with them

  • You want to explore windows into other levels of consciousness with the artful application of wisdom teachings and kundalini-like approaches and the mystical and esoteric use of cannabis

  • You thrive in a safe and nurturing environment with others who share your passion for emotional growth and Awakening

  • You understand that this path isn’t easy, yet always worth it

My Emotional Expansion Masterclass Course is designed to help you break FREE of old patterns and ready you for transformation on all levels. Methods (like Emotional Expansion) only work if the person (YOU) is ready for lasting change. I know it can be scary because I often hear from people who say they’ve taken courses before that didn’t end well for them. Others say that they’re keen at the beginning but start dragging.
Sure. I understand that – I’ve been in those shoes. That’s why this 8 week Emotional Expansion Masterclass Course is designed to guide you to success:
• Skillful Coaching and Potent Teaching
• Group Support and Recognition
• Thrive Within a Supportive Structure
• Train to Smoothly Navigate Your Outer World Relationships
• Apply “Abundance Juice” Practices for a Rich & Expansive Perspective
Our time together begins next week on Tuesdays and Saturday mornings. Twice a week for 8-weeks – so that new behaviors and habits will help rewire your brain, reorganize your nervous system.
Connect with me for any questions you might have. I’m here for you!
With Love,


“If there is a person who needs a community of people who are exploring in a different way how to heal emotions, then this course would be it. The group, our tribe was beautiful, was really beautiful.”

– Jidsel Malca, California, Emotional Liberation Student

“I would absolutely recommend this course and I would say give it a shot, give it a try, anyone who is interested to committing to themselves, and making that pledge to yourself and honor yourself. Becca is an amazing spiritual teacher and has the techniques to help you go through and challenge yourself in areas that you want to see growing in your own personal life.”

– Linda, Massachusetts, Emotional Liberation Student

“To her growing community, Becca excels at prompts to look at things in a new way by combining responses to emotional triggers with a new sense of stability. Add in an assortment of homework, time to share, journaling, gratitude, and for some, small dosage of cannabis. Each session builds upon each other towards your goal. This is something you won’t want to miss!”

– Athena (alias in the course), Colorado, Emotional Liberation Student