I used to have a terrible time with goodbyes. Kissing boyfriends goodbye, seeing friends off, my dogs going to doggie heaven, even the wrap-up of a retreat or the conclusion of a course or project that I’d really enjoyed.

Sure the feeling was in different degrees that correlated to the gravity of the loss. Regardless, the sadness or grief washed over me with a deep gloom as I marinated in the “missing” of this person or experience. It felt awful.

When I began exploring this feeling through our active Emotional Liberation® meditation with cannabis plant medicine, the dots started connecting so that I could heal. Turned out that this goodbye thing was underpinned by a deep hurt because as a child saying goodbye was a cataclysmic event for me.

How’s This for Connecting the Dots?  

My mother and father came to hate each other. That’s why they divorced when I was about three. He moved to the other side of the country so was given custody of me during the summers (way before the idea of joint custody emerged) when he’d drive a long way to get me.

They did everything they could to avoid seeing each other during these hand-offs of me. She’d equip me with my suitcase and would send me down the dirt driveway where he’d pull over to pick me up. The return of me a few weeks later was equally perfunctory, dropping me and my bag off at that same dusty corner following a frolicking good time with Dad, cousins, water and sun.

This is What We Do in Our Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies

You can begin to see why goodbyes – any and all goodbyes – were so painful for me. But once I was able to be present with the emotions of sadness and grief and began exploring it in the kind of practices we do in our ceremonies, the trauma emerged so it could be released.

Today, goodbyes and conclusions for me are beautiful moments in time when I feel the fullness in my heart of the fondness and love I have for various people, animals, places and experiences.

Of course, I’m sad when the occasion arises – when I lose something very meaningful to me – whatever that might be. But I’m no longer devastated and consumed with gloom or despair because through our Emotional Liberation® work I have learned how to release while continuing to love perhaps more deeply than I have ever before.

How’s Your Level of Sadness or Despair? 

It doesn’t matter. Just bring whatever’s knocking loudest on your head to one of our Cannabis Elevation Ceremonies (ONLINE or in-person – cannabis is always optional 🙂 )

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With Love Becca