I often get letters from folks sharing their experiences… I call them “Field Reports.” And these field reports offer spectacular insights and musings that answer questions that many others have on their mind. So I’m sharing one with you today.
I can get a very intense somatic releasing from combining a tiny amount of cannabis and some meditation or bodyscanning with breathwork. I can feel my body doing what it needs to do to shake off tension and open up. I can feel things moving more freely around all the channels in that it’s as if the cannabis helps me get out of my own way.
However cannabis has never been emotional for me. Cannabis seems to cover up emotion in my experience and almost be dissociative. Any advice or is it just this way for some? I find psilocybin to be intensely emotional but have yet to discover how cannabis can be.
And also do people ever combine the cannabis and psilocybin microdosing (MD) or are they used on their own?
– jambonsambo 
Dear jambonsambo,
Thanks for your detailed field report! Your insights are important because like you, our community is pioneering what the role looks like of both cannabis and psilocybin MD in heightening our psycho-spiritual evolution.
So you pose a couple of questions – let’s address each of them…

1) Cannabis seems to cover up emotion in my experience and almost be dissociative. Any advice or is it just this way for some?

As we say in the clinic, we have to respect biochemical individuality… so yes, people can experience quite difference effects. Having said that, depending on what else you’re doing to activate your central nervous system, too much cannabis can lead to essentially getting too stoned and the result can be numbing out or dissociation. For instance, the neuro-workouts we do in my EL programs are very activating so participants only need a small amount of cannabis.
For starters, depending on a person’s sensitivity, a CBD to THC ratio of 2-to-1 is a good place to start. And only take a toke/puff/pull or two. As it’s difficult to find a cultivar/strain with that kind of ratio, you can always blend strains to get the ratio you desire. Even if you’re an old hand with cannabis, applying it in a spiritual context is a game changer.
To experiment, I would suggest that you try one of my Emotional Liberation practices to test this out. Try it once without any substances and then try it again with your preferred substance.

2) Do people ever combine the cannabis and psilocybin MD or are they used on their own?

Again, the answer is very individualistic to each of us and very experiential! In our group work, as mentioned above, I always suggest getting a “baseline” first – that means experiencing our active meditations and “neuroworks” without any outside substances first and foremost. This way you can compare the difference between the “lift” without the influence of plant medicine and then the lift with it.

Among the folks in our masterclass course groups, the consensus has been that while you’re on a microdosing protocol, when beginning one of our neuroworkouts, taking only CBD seems to offer a potent amplification. Somehow the CBD paired with the psilocybin MD creates a magnificent lift-off. On the other hand, combining psilocybin MD with THC can often create too much intensity and the value of the meditation practice can be lost. Again, it’s very individualistic.

These are important questions you ask! Getting the emotions to flow is pivotal to releasing them – and the trauma that underpins them. It’s a process that takes commitment and perseverance – sounds like you’re on board for both!

With Love,
P.S. What’s been your experience? Do you have thoughts on this? I call what we do “citizen science” – so please let me know what you have discovered by connecting with me here.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Psilocybin is a largely illegal substance and we do not encourage or condone its use where it is against the law. However we accept that illegal drug use occurs and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe. For that reason this information is designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use plant medicine.