Anytime I talk about kundalini I get a variety of reactions and reports about this energy codified in esoteric Eastern texts. Folks describe intense experiences that include vibrating, pulsating, buzzing and the like.

And, as I explain in this video, if you understand going into an experience that calls it up and you can stay present and open, it can be a very productive release.

I do love hearing from you. Since most all of us have moved to ONLINE gatherings during this COVID-19 event, I miss the personal interaction where we can have deep discussions about consciousness exploration. That’s why I always ask for your comments about your experiences.

And speaking of those experiences – both in your own Inner explorations and as well as what happens during our time together in various venues, the discussion about kundalini energy has excited a lot of people. I’ve gotten a lot of rich descriptions and, what I call, “field reports” about experiences of intense energy moving through.

One comes from Vince – and he’s really articulate in his precision of describing his journey. He was a participant in one of my Thursday “adulting gatherings” – as I call it. Here’s what he says:

“Thanks so much for guiding us through the experience of the kundalini meditation amplified with cannabis. I’m new to this type of meditation/breath work, so I’m wondering if my experience was normal, and what exactly was happening to me.

Halfway through the active breath practice my body started vibrating intensely, similar to the feeling of pins and needles when your hand is asleep, but more intense and throughout my whole body. My lips and eyes were also buzzing intensely. At a certain point it became overwhelming, and I had to just sit, breathe, let go and “allow it” to happen. The intense vibration feeling was not accompanied by any particular thought or emotion, it was just a very physical thing.

So, I’m curious, what was happening to me? Is this normal? What does it mean? Was I releasing something subconsciously? The experience was intense and intriguing, and makes me want to explore more 🙂

Thanks, Vince.

First, I just want to say, that I admire how Vince took care of himself during this experience. That is, with this energy flowing through, he consciously DIDN’T turn off the experience – but rather, he dialed it back. In our practices, this allows the energy to continue flowing BUT more gently – so that we can tolerate it.

In our gatherings and course work, I always take the time to explain very carefully that, while I create, to the best of my ability – especially in an ONLINE environment, a safe and nurturing space, YOU also need to take care of yourself. This is because folks who are wrestling with a lot of emotions can be overwhelmed with the velocity of the release. We need the release in order to heal but not at the expense of overwhelm.

This is where the question of, “Why do I want to subject myself to this?” can come up. It makes sense to ask –especially if a person spends a lot of time and energy trying to avoid these feelings and keep them at bay. The answer is because it’s releasing the trauma that’s lodged in the tissues of the body (in Eastern teachings, we’re clearing energy blocks in the body). And the good news is that every layer you release is one you will not have to encounter again. But like building muscles, the toughest lift is at the beginning when our nervous system is like a 90-pound weakling

Having said that, the practices we do, are accelerated movement – you can immediately tell something’s happening and helping. This is very difference compared to quiet sitting meditation … mindfulness meditation. It’s sort of what you could call the “long-term plan” where the approach is patience and incredible will to sit for long periods of time observing your thoughts and moving them along. It’s popular these days //but that quiet sitting never fit for me – and I know it’s not optimal for a lot of others – I hear from you.

If you are one who has had trouble with the quiet sitting, come and join us and check out this approach. This Emotional Liberation approach. Now in regard to what Vince experienced – we are all so biochemically different that energy releases express themselves in myriad ways – this Kundalini energy moving through.

The good news is that if you continue to do the practices – as little as 11 minutes a day, the releases get easier and easier – mostly because the practices, and often with the thoughtful use of cannabis, strengthen the nervous system and that creates an awareness and strength that enable the release of emotions. When we study this, we become intimately familiar with the emotions we’re releasing so we can intellectually understand at the same time we’re moving through it intuitively – from an awareness of what’s going on inside your body – your emotional and sensory landscape. Doing this as we do in a step-by-step process is a wondrous cutting-edge approach. And we call it “Self-therapy” as you are doing it for yourself.

I want to put a pitch in here – I’ll be releasing my 8-week Emotional Expansion master class soon – so keep an eye out for details – as it may be the deep dive in a community environment that resonates with you.

So, where are you with this? What does a “Deep Dive” mean to you? Is it a scary thought or are you like Vince … gimme more! Drop down to the comments section and let me know.

I’m Becca Williams I want to you to lead a magnificent life… and I wanna help you do that.

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