April 12th, 2020

12:45 pm MT (virtual doors open at 12:30pm MT)

From the privacy of your own home we’ll continue our experiential beta gatherings that include “industrial strength” meditations and, if you so choose, partaking of cannabis plant medicine in a safe and communal manner.

We’ll plan to partake together during an honoring of this beloved plant ally early in our ceremony.

Our explorations of consciousness through active meditation and cannabis plant medicine is a pioneering path toward awakening in this century. Doing this in community is the sacred bridge that leverages the energetic strength of our group for deep individual Inner work.

Bring whatever difficult emotion is knocking loudest on your head for this event with the intention of releasing it through our focused “industrial strength” practices. WooHoo!

If you’re planning to join us, please take a look at these two short YouTube videos. One will give you insight on how to prepare for our virtual gathering and the other is how you may want to include cannabis.

It’ll be great to be with you.

With Love and Admiration for Your Will and Desire, Becca

What people are saying:

“How comfortable & welcoming the environment you provide & how safe it felt to experience feelings & movement of emotion. Thank you!”

– Sarah G.

“It is so helpful to be able to use the cannabis medicine in a safe and sacred spot for its intended purpose.”

– Eric F.

“Becca is an engaging facilitator. She knows how to welcome people without being intrusive. Becca also knows how beginners might feel; she is encouraging without being condescending. The exercises opened up some unmet needs and some emotions that want to stay buried. Amazing how that happens from just knowing some of the physical attachments to the spiritual plane. Thanks, Becca!

– Jane L.

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