Would you like Psychedelic Journey support – whether you’re preparing or looking to integrate following one?

Be your best fortified self going into a psychedelic journey or leverage optimal integration coming out of one.
Aside from cannabis, the use of hallucinogenic psychoactive substances, such as psilocybin & LSD, are an avenue that many are using to awaken from ordinary consciousness. Such hallucinogenic experiences can offer a temporary release from limited patterns of self-identification and, in fact, propel a person into mystical experiences of being one with all that exists.

These encounters can alter our perspectives in fundamental ways, yet our ability to hold on to these profound boundary dissolving experiences can be challenging as we soon return to ordinary consciousness. Worse, a person can be left feeling energetically “fractured” and confused.

I offer 4-week and 8-week Journey Support programs either in anticipation of a psychedelic journey or integration following one.

For more information let’s have a one-to-one complimentary session to assess your needs and ascertain whether we’re a good fit.


I look forward to being in touch, Becca

P.S. I do not encourage or condone the use of psychedelics where and when it is forbidden by law.

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Everyone’s relationship to cannabis is different – from non-existent to long and enduring.

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