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What Students Are Saying

"I learned how my emotions work and how they effect my day-to-day life – it's made a big difference to me and my wife. My thinking about the way I release my emotions and my attitude has changed a lot. The reward is knowing yourself as you learn to speak and act from your heart."

– David Cook, California 

"I'm smoking a lot less because of the course. Now I use cannabis as a medicine to help me, to guide me on my path – more so than doing it recreationally. I definitely have more intent with doing it. I'm not using it now to hinder something or prevent something from happening emotionally. I can be in the moment." 

– Garfield W., Colorado

In the course, it all goes hand-in-hand, the breathing, the movement, the cannabis, the connection to Becca and the group. It all goes hand-in-hand to create a really beautiful experience. 

– Ingrid Chapman, Utah