Like in the Sci-Fi movies about outer space, if you could transport yourself anywhere it probably wouldn’t be to an inhospitable virus-laden environment.
But here we are – finding ourselves on this planet in a continuing virus-laden COVID environment. But despite how much we long for this thing to be over, I believe this situation is creating a “Divine opportunity” for a quantum leap in planetary consciousness which – along with my gratitude is the subject of this week’s reprise blog.


I’m Becca Williams, and I want to take a little time here and thank you for sticking with me and a big hello to the many new people who are joining the conversation around Inner exploration, cannabis and emotional freedom. Someone just contacted me from India today … so this is resonating regardless of where you live.

There are some common beliefs that unite us. Like open-mindedness: “Live and Let Live” embracing love, care and connection. And I think it’s safe to say that we’re all intrigued by where we find ourselves right now … and where we’re going – catalyzed by this COVID-19 event. Actually, being alive, right here, right now, is a gift in-and-of-itself because these wild winds of change are ripping away everything that tethered us to staying stuck.

All our familiar Go-Tos, whether they’re shopping, throwing ourselves into work, chasing attention and approval, traveling, going out eating and drinking, socializing, lots of socializing – those familiar Go-Tos are gone or radically reduced. So here we are with time on our hands … With our thoughts, like we’ve never had to be before. Prior to this, with all the distractions, we’ve been able to bury stuff that bothered us – troubling emotions – often formed in early childhood – that we do not want to feel. But, it’s necessary to feel our feelings because if we don’t embrace them through-and-through, they will never leave us. It’s truly the only way to relieve and release our hearts of the pain.

There’s a renown Australian, her name is Gita Bellin, a pioneer of 60 years in human performance and transformation. And Gita has famously said, “The fastest way to freedom is to feel your feelings.”

“The fastest way to freedom is to feel your feelings.”

Now this revered elder, Gita Bellin, isn’t a spiritual teacher – although she’s steeped in Eastern spiritual traditions. She’s a worldwide corporate consultant at the highest levels teaching corporate leaders that: “The fastest way to freedom is to feel your feelings.” Because when you feel your feelings, you become a better person, a better leader. You’re not looking to others for approval or completion.

This is what we all need to do.

And this current situation may very well be activating feelings we do not want to feel because we see them as too big and too scary, regardless of our age, our gender, our ethnicity. But push-has-come-to-shove and we can’t hide from our feelings any longer. Yes, there are those who will drink themselves or drug themselves or smoke themselves into oblivion because emotions have become so painful. Maybe lapsing into addictions.

But, at the same time, there are those of us who long to embrace this extraordinary – and some might say, Divine opportunity. A Divine opportunity that’s opened a space for us to explore our invisible inner life to heal emotional wounds that might have been keeping us in on-going patterns of fear and self-doubt. Eroding our self-confidence and wellbeing that can lead us into unhealthy and even toxic relationships that don’t offer us the love, care and connection – that we so long for.

If you’ve been with me, you know that I believe our explorations of consciousness through active, ancient meditation and cannabis is a pioneering path toward awakening in this century. Raising the consciousness of the planet comes in many different forms. My work is at an edgy intersection of a lot of influences … including cannabis – and I know that is a portal that resonates for many of us.

Where are you on this? What are you experiencing these days? Are you on board with “The fastest way to freedom is to feel your feelings? How does that look for you? Drop down to the comments section and let me know. And if you’re watching this on youtube – move over to my website and join the conversation there.

I’m Becca Williams and I do want you to lead a magnificence life … and I want to help you do that, whether it’s one of my online events or master courses. Stick with me for deep individual Inner work. We can have transformation AND we can have fun doing it.