If all of the United States was a level “playing field” when it comes to legalized cannabis, the recommendations about using the plant during this COVID-19 pandemic would be reasonable. But as I point out in my blog this week that’s not the case:

As we know, countless people take cannabis in its many forms for pain relief – both physical pain and emotional pain – emotional pain often being that of fear, anxiety… depression. Research shows that emotional pain is just as painful as physical pain.

So it’s important for people to continue their cannabis medicine to take care of themselves, and at the same time, make good decisions of how to take cannabis during this COVID-19 event.

This is of particular interest for me as a teacher of emotional release and trauma recovery because the judicious use of cannabis can be a potent ally in this work as so many of you recognize. And it’s my area of interest and research.

The biggest question is whether it’s safe to continue smoking or vaping cannabis if that’s what you’ve been using as your delivery system. People like to inhale cannabis because of its rapid onset and consistent and reliable dosing.

Yet the continued smoking or vaping of cannabis is being discouraged by health professionals – even those who specialize in cannabinoid science or cannabinoid medicine – as it’s called.

The advice is that anyone who is smoking or vaping cannabis should switch to edibles, tinctures, capsules, drinkables.

That’s easy if you’re in a cannabis legal state where those options are available to you. If you’re not in one of those states, then those processed products are NOT going to be available to you, right?

What’s going to be available is whatever kind of cannabis flower you can acquire on the black market.

Now, I’m not encouraging this in any way, shape or form… it’s just a matter of fact.
There are all kinds of small cannabis growers who make their flower available to folks who can’t get it any other way than underground.

And in the midst of the incredible stress of this current situation, there are going to be people who want their cannabis medicine and believe that inhaling it during this tumultuous time outweighs the risk of possibly getting the virus.

In this instance, if you feel you can’t go without your cannabis but want to stay as safe as possible, it’s suggested that vaping dry herb (not oil cartridges – because they can have all kinds of chemicals in them – but dry herb) is your best bet.
Vaporizers heat the cannabis up to a point where it produces vapor – another word for vapor is gas, usually somewhere between 360 – to-420 degrees f. that you take into your lungs.

The lower the temperature, the less stress you’re putting on your lungs and airways.

And the benefit of using dry herb in the vaporizer is that you don’t need to worry about chemicals that are in vape cartridges since you are just heating the plant.
That’s compared to combustion (as in lighting up with a bic lighter) which torches at about 600 degree F, which immediately burns the plant and when you take a hit. You’re breathing in plant particulates that can be very irritating to the lungs.
Avoiding lung irritation is the first line of defense against COVID-19 especially if you have respiratory challenges like asthma, COPD, and also high blood pressure, diabetes, or immune deficiencies.

Over all, the idea is, for all of us, to avoid any kind of lung irritation. That is – reduce your exposure to all irritants. Get out into fresh air. Lower your use of aerosol products. Don’t inhale toxic fumes like bleach or ammonia — even small doses can irritate the respiratory tract. Keep your house dust-free.

For those of us in the, what I call the “have states” – those where you can purchase edibles, tinctures, capsules, drinkables… then switch. Easy as that.

Having said all that, my reporting here is aimed at adults 21-years and older.

Nothing of what I’m saying should be taken as medical advice or encouragement to consume cannabis, especially where it’s illegal. In fact, for this and everything else in your world, always check in with YOURSELF before acting based on anything you read, hear or watch.

So where do you stand on all this? What kind of precautions are you taking? Drop down to the comments section and let me know. And if you’re viewing this on Youtube, head over to my website and share your thoughts there.

I’m Becca Williams and I want you to have a marvelous life – even in the midst of this pandemic.

And I’m here to help you do that.