I love the story about the man who was traveling and met a farmer working in his field. He asked the farmer what the people in the next village were like. The farmer paused and looked up and asked “What were the people like in the last village you visited?”
The man shot back, “They were rude, unfriendly, dishonest people!”
In hearing this, the farmer responded, “You’ll find that the people in the next village are the same.”
Exasperated, the man plodded off.
Another man who was traveling to the same village came upon the farmer and asked him the same question: “What are the people in the next village like?”
Again the farmer asked “What were the people like in the last village you visited?”
The man pondered for a moment and replied, “Oh they were kind, friendly, generous, great people!”
“Ah,” said the farmer, nodding, “You’ll find that the people in the next village are the same.”

Wherever you go, there you are

I love this story because it reminds us that, yes, wherever you go, there you are!
We can change jobs, partners, locations, scenery. But if we haven’t changed our habitual self-limiting behaviors and patterns, we continue to view the world through the same limiting lens – wherever we are, whatever we’re doing.
This story – or parable – is meant to show us that our own attitudes, prejudices, values and opinions are what determine our views of life and of others. These are “blinders” we carry with us – moving through the world existing (and not well) in a state of unconsciousness.

Empty Resolutions?

As we hurdle toward the new year, it’s always helpful to take stock of how we want to live life differently. Of course, this is what resolutions are all about, eh? Eat healthier, exercise, take on a new hobby. Whatever. We resolve to act differently someway, some how.

But the dirty little secret about resolutions is if we don’t get to the core of why we don’t feel better or why we act the way we do, we will be destine to continue living our lives “same old, same old” …regardless of diet, exercise, a change of pace. We will continue to navigate through the world in unawareness, carrying out automatic, habitual patterns that keep us small and totally disconnected from our fondest dreams and desires.

As we round the corner to 2022, if we want to feel better, we must pursue a fundamental shift in the way we think and feel. As I like to say, we must learn to surf the waves of uncertainty with grace and perseverance. That’s a very reachable goal for anyone who commits to make deep inner changes.

Awareness is the juicy, caramel center of change

So in this new year – or really as soon as possible – I encourage you to begin noticing what you do, what you say, what you are thinking … because awareness is the first step to change. Because if you’re not aware of your limiting behaviors, then you can’t change them!

The best way to heighten your awareness is through meditation. I know, I know … quiet, sitting meditation can be next to impossible for a lot of folks – it was for me!
If that’s the case for you, I invite you to check out some of my “neuro-workouts” and begin your shift in earnest.

By cultivating Inner awareness, every village you visit you will find the people kind, friendly, and generous!” …because you have become that.
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With Love,

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