You are a…

Motivated Self-Healer

You’re a Motivated Self-Healer looking for solutions to behaviors and patterns that may be eating at your relationships and life. You may have the occasional “bad day” or bothersome incident and want to get over it or you have persistent unpleasant emotions that seem inescapable. In fact, you may have shut down your feelings to survive and gone numb from lack of use but an arising desire for Love and Joy is driving you to “awaken.”
You likely have done a lot of work on your past and are now ready to leverage that to an even higher well-being, hence your continued search for solutions. As a teacher or practitioner, you may also be looking for a powerful set of tools to help others with their pain as part of your teaching and healing work.
Whatever the reason, you’re not afraid of exploring edgy approaches that include things like psilocybin microdosing. You’re all about whatever holds promise for you to feel better because you are looking – even searching – for answers as to how to take back control of the emotions and situations that often seem to control you.

Your ideal outcome would be to experience a radical improvement in your relationship with your emotions as well as a dramatic decrease in the time you spend feeling bad. You would start to use strong emotions as medicine rather than poison to begin moving toward optimal emotional wellness and the life you’ve always aspired to.

Let Becca Williams Be Your Trusted Guide On Your Next Step

(It may be the last you’ll ever need)

Becca’s mission and vision is discovering the most efficient and effective means of releasing difficult emotions and the trauma that underpins them. In her Emotional Expansion Masterclass Courses she helps you dive deep to free yourself of troubling emotions that can erode your self-confidence and wellbeing.

Imagine dipping into a fun and intentional online community where you experience the marvels of a consistent therapeutic group setting that embraces Eastern Wisdom practices, Western neuroscience and the judicious use of psilocybin and/or cannabis microdosing. Experience a potent level of intensity to move stuck energy and off load nagging stress and fear.
If you’re ready for a change it means you’re ready for an experience that includes powerful shifts in self-knowledge and the clearing of mental and emotional blocks. If this resonates for you, click here for more details and to join the interest list for Becca’s Emotional Liberation Master Series.

“Microdosing cannabis and psilocybin has been shown to enhance the process of neuroplasticity – the ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections in the brain to develop new patterns of thought and behavior helping to overcome limiting subconscious beliefs.”

– Becca Williams

In Becca’s Masterclass groups, courses and personal sessions, she helps people heal from emotional trauma through an immersive program that informs both the cognitive (brain) and the intuitive (your Inner guide). Her practice integrates cutting-edge neuroscience with ancient healing modalities utilizing expressive movement, meditation & breathwork techniques – with the judicious use of plant amplifiers. Subscribe and join Becca for exploring this revolutionary approach to Emotional Liberation®.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Psilocybin is a largely illegal substance and we do not encourage or condone its use where it is against the law. However we accept that illegal drug use occurs and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe. For that reason this information is designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use plant medicine.