Ganjly’s “Becca Williams: Why Cannabis Works as a Spiritual Plant and Tips on Meditating with Cannabis”

Ganjly interviews Becca about her work with cannabis as a spiritual plant.  Read the full interview here.


“Williams, who describes herself as a ‘ceremonialist soulcraft practitioner and plant medicine integrationist,’ has been performing cannabis elevation ceremonies with a combination of high-CBD flower and Eastern meditation practices for over a year, to ‘enrich and heal’ the lives of others.”
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How Melding Marijuana Microdosing and Kundalini Yoga Can Heal The Brain

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Psychedelic Salon Podcast

“After much work with cannabis, Becca Williams learned how to use it as a Spirit Plant medicine. She teaches people about the power of cannabis to heal traumas and now leads Cannabis Ceremonies in Denver, Colorado. Her work also includes excellent educational videos.”

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In Cannabis and Spirituality:  “Including Cannabis in Your Practice”  

There are many ways to talk about working with cannabis for spiritual benefit. The intention of the Cannabis and Spirituality project is to include those varying voices. Becca’s guidance is based on long experience with intentional use of cannabis in particular and with consciousness transformation work in general.

Tara Rose Green Goddess Podcast Cannabis & Emotional Liberation with Becca Williams”

“Our guest is Becca Williams, a cannabis ceremonialist and clinical nutritionist based in Denver, Colorado (soon to be moving to Florida!) who works with the herb to bring her participants emotional liberation, using her own spin on Eastern meditation techniques.” Listen to the Podcast

Hemp Connoisseur’s “100 People You Should Know”

Becca and her work are featured in the Hemp Connoisseur’s 2018 profiles.  Read Full Article (PDF)

Sensi Magazine

Becca is featured in Leland Rucker’s article, “Holy Smokes,” an article written to shed light on the spiritual side of cannabis and those who explore it.
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“Becca Williams is a long-time cannabis advocate ‘advancing states of higher consciousness.’ In her own words, she is a ‘ceremonialist’ or a ‘plant spirit guide, creating communal experiences that support transformational healing and awakenings with the support of cannabis as a spirit plant.’ Ellementa was honored to have a conversation with Becca recently.”
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Everyone’s relationship to cannabis is different – from non-existent to long and enduring.

In my intimate Emotional Liberation® events, MasterMind groups and workshops, I teach you the transformative art of going inward with cannabis plant medicine, amplifying the power of our active practices.  If you’ve been wondering about cannabis as it relates to meditation, subscribe and join me for exploring this cutting-edge approach to emotional healing.