I often get letters from folks sharing their experiences… I call them “Field Reports.” And these field reports offer spectacular insights and musings that answer questions that many others have on their mind. So I’m sharing one with you today.

I was pleased to find your website marrying cannabis and spirituality.
In the last several weeks I have had what I call a major spiritual opening on the order of one I had 30 years ago. I associate it with Kundalini energy arising in my energy body. As this progresses I find the cannabis dosage I needed to amplify my meditation has diminished. 
My usual was around 40mg to 60mg but now I find 15mg give me the same effect as I use to get from the 40 to 60mg. I’ve also experimented with higher doses – up to the 150mg mark the higher doses took me to a “different floor” on the elevator of the mind.  That is no longer true. The elevator stays at the higher floors without the higher cannabis doses (or any doses) and they no longer provide any particular spiritual enhancement.
This dosage adjustment is also true for a close friend who is on a similar spiritual journey. I make the edibles we use strictly controlling the dose and strain with precise scales and thermometers etc.
My question is: have you run into this phenomenon in your work where dosage effects dramatic changes in a very short time?  We suspect it is because both of our spiritual lives have deepened significantly at the same time. We are currently reducing our cannabis dosage which has not reduced our spiritual connection. Any insights would be helpful. 
Joe B.
Dear Joe,
Thanks for your field report. Your insights are important because like you our community is pioneering what the role looks like of not only cannabis now but psilocybin microdosing in heightening our psycho-spiritual evolution.
Meditation is our ticket to higher consciousness… and why is this important? Because it’s in that space where we can meet our shadow side and begin to dismantle it. The degree to which we don’t know our shadow is the degree to which it influences, controls, and runs us – both personally and collectively. In order to evolve in this lifetime (again, personally and collectively) we need to know our shadow side so we can process and release dysfunctional patterns.
That’s why I guide and teach my emotional and trauma release program with the (always optional) use of cannabis and/or psilocybin microdosing. I find, as do many of my students and clients, that this combination is the most efficient way to move through your shit and begin living in calm, centered clarity free of triggers and trauma.
Having said all that, you sound concerned but on the contrary I’d suggest your experience with the plant medicine is an important mile marker in the evolution of your meditation leading to the further growth of your Soul.
These plant medicines are remarkable allies in supporting us to get to the point of the self-realization that you’re experiencing. But as the legendary Alan Watts famously said “If you get the message hang up the phone.” He was talking about psychedelic drugs but I put our beloved cannabis (which, of course, can be psychedelic) in this same category. Like psychedelics, cannabis is simply an instrument like microscopes, telescopes, and telephones. Watts added “The biologist does not sit with eye permanently glued to the microscope; he goes away and works on what he has seen.”
So congratulations, it appears you and your friend’s Inner explorations and exploits no longer need to be catalyzed with plant medicine. If you so choose you have the enviable wherewithal to shoot into the quantum field without any exogenous support!
With Love, Becca
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MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Psilocybin is a largely illegal substance and we do not encourage or condone its use where it is against the law. However we accept that illegal drug use occurs and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe. For that reason this information is designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use plant medicine.