It’s human nature to want the easiest and simplest way to improve one’s life. And if there were simple “flick-the-switch” approaches, I’d imagine that everybody would be flicking the switch, right?  Here’s what I learned in roaming the “magical thinking” landscape for many years (make that decades) and how I moved beyond it:

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Do you remember the movie The Secret? It came out in 2006 and everybody was talking about it. There was no end to the buzz. The Secret essentially said that if you can think it, then you can materialize it … you can have the ability to attract into your life whatever you want. In fact if you remember this movie, drop down to the comments section after I’m done here and let me know the impression it made on you.


And it seems that there’s been a renewed interest around this approach that “if you stay focused and positive you will get what you want”. Well, as a teacher, I do believe in the concept of manifestation. But the cruel truth is it doesn’t work if you’re struggling with anxiety, self-doubt, a sense of unworthiness or depression or anger or sadness that ebbs and flows in your life – or is there most of the time.


So when I encountered Emotional Liberation – this groundbreaking approach that I now teach, I learned how to release the difficult emotions that were holding me back – I re-wired my brain and created new neural pathways that gave me a new way of thinking … thinking in clarity and calmness, it was truly Emotional Liberation.


I want to give you the opportunity to experience this. I’m inviting you to my next ONLINE Cannabis Elevation Ceremony, where we do practices that will stir up whatever is knocking loudest on your head so that you release it and begin to strengthen your nervous system and rewire your brain so you can take advantage of holding positive thoughts around your intentions. I want to share this with you – as my gift.


So it’s about thinking as though it’s already happened to you … another term for this is Law of Attraction. And the thrust is, the Universe will give you anything you can dream up. You can draw that ideal partner to you, heal disease, attract the best job in the world with the salary to match, the car of your dreams, will that be a Teslas or Ferrari, on and on.


The negative self-talk cancels out a flow of positive thoughts that leads to manifesting. It’s easy for spiritual teachers to say, “just think positive thoughts” and, the implication is – if you can’t do that it’s your fault. I found this out for myself when I was wrestling with difficult emotions most of my life – especially a lot of anxiety and a sense of unworthiness. I attended a lot of workshops and seminars based on the Law of Attraction. You know the vision board, a mind map, whatever. I would walk out of these events with an “Im gonna do this” intention and very soon thereafter I’d default to the deeply entrenched neural pathways of anxiety and self-doubt embedded in trauma. AND then I’d feel shame because I couldn’t do it.


And that’s why I teach this – how to liberate yourself from difficult emotions so that you can break through to a life of positive thinking – to transform your life however you want. As a clinician, I understand the science behind it. And changing your brain happens when you go inward … meditation. And the most effective and efficient meditation I have discovered is the active kundalini-like practices I teach – amplified with the judicious use of cannabis plant medicine.


So simply go to the link below this video and register – it’s that simple. While you’re down there, let me know in the comments what you think of what I’m saying and what you’ve personally experienced. I always look forward to hearing what you have to say. I’m Becca Williams and I want you to take magnificent care of yourself and I wanna help you do that.