Lately, I’ve been hearing from a number of people reporting that they can’t access their emotions. None. Nada.

Here’s one comment that I’ve recently received:

“I do my best to follow your Kundalini breathwork and find it calming in the end – but I hardly access (let alone release) any emotions.”
First and foremost, we need to respect where we are, as in what we can and cannot feel. We all have a starting place that’s different. I see this in my masterclass courses when someone has broken open with lots of emotions flowing and marveling at the realizations that bubble up. And others are mouthing, “Why can’t I do that?!”.


I remind them that we are all on our own trajectory. It can’t be rushed. Personally, I spent decades seeking solutions to my struggle with anxiety, depression, anger, sadness and so much unworthiness. When I encountered the method that I now teach – Emotional Liberation®, it all kicked into gear.


Step-by-step I learned that difficult emotions are here for a reason


And that reason is the revolutionary discovery that these difficult emotions serve as our Inner guidance system. They lead us to healing the wounds that forged “crash and burn” patterns in our life – undermining our personal and professional relationships, eroding self-confidence and wellbeing.


So when someone shares with me that they understand that feeling into their emotions is a powerful portal to releasing them but they’re simply not in touch with them, I say, “not an issue”. Those who are intent and have the desire to feel what they’re feeling – most often with the judicious use of cannabis – will eventually be in touch with their emotions. And that intent, with our step-by-step approach to locating these emotions will draw them out. Once that happens the cascade of healing begins.


If you’re curious about Inner exploration come join us


Once a month we gather for what I call Advanced Techniques to Strengthen Your Brain, Mind, and Nervous System. We engage techniques that are created especially to breakthrough the emotional armor that keeps us from feeling.


Our gatherings are a safe and nurturing environment where we can be ourselves and feel welcomed among like-minded others. It’s the best – as it gets so tiring pretending that we’re not feeling what we’re feeling. We gotta feel it so that we can release it.

If you haven’t connected with me yet to register for the event here’s the link. (If you have, you’re set to go!) If you can’t make it, you’ll get the recording the next day.

It’s my gift to our awakening community

Make sure you create a comfy private place for yourself and have your cannabis by your side – whatever type or kind you’re experimenting with. Get ready for a deep dive that will put you in touch with your Higher Self to meet and release what’s knocking loudest on your head.

With Love,