Our “invisible inner world” is where all our undying hopes and dreams come from. So it’s important that each of us is able to locate the door to our invisible inner world and, even more vital, learn how to enter. This isn’t as easy as simply walking through it – as it’s guarded by what you could call “emotion demons”.

These are the ferocious emotions that poke their spears at us so we can’t get near this “mystical” door that leads to our invisible inner world. Your emotion demon could be one or several. It might be Fear and Anxiety or Self-doubt or Anger or Sadness or Depression or Guilt. Your demon might be a big ball of assorted emotions that you call Stress or Overwhelm. They just keep backing you away from the door, poking you with their sharp spears that cause pain and have you running in the opposite direction.

So that’s quite a predicament, isn’t it?

You want so badly to realize your hopes and dreams that will lead you to your passion and your reason for being on this Earth. I know the feeling of emptiness and not knowing why I’m here. It all changed though when I learned how to locate and enter the door to my invisible inner world.

There is no greater and more important assignment than accessing your invisible inner world. And doing this is not easy but it’s simple – at least the way I guide and teach you how. The trick is to meet your demons and make friends with them. And then SURPRISE! They’ll actually open the damn door for you! I and countless others know that our invisible inner world is the most beautiful and inspiring place you’ll ever visit… and you’ll want to visit often… and when you get skilled enough to spend most of your time in that special space – it’s called being in the flow.

To get to the door we need a map and we need transport in. And cannabis can make a great travel partner! (If you agree – or maybe not – hit reply and let me know your thoughts on it!)


I want to show you how to do this

And it’s even more powerful when we do it as a group. I find when we can leverage our time and our exploration together, it’s a stunningly effective experience. That’s why I teach and guide it. It’s effective and efficient for releasing difficult emotions of all kinds so that you can access your invisible inner life.

If you’re being drawn to exploring a new way of living, I invite you to try this out. I call it: “Advanced Techniques to Tone Your Mind, Brain, and Nervous System” – yes, you need to be 21+ to join us but “adulting” also means you’re at a place in your life where you’re asking “How do I make sense of it all?”

So try this out – it’s my gift to our awakening community.

Our gatherings are a safe and nurturing environment where we can be ourselves and feel welcomed among like-minded others. It’s the best – as it gets so tiring pretending that we’re not feeling what we’re feeling. We gotta feel it so that we can release it.

If you haven’t connected with me yet to register for my monthly event, here’s the link.