As I write this on this Election Day, it’s not nearly noon in my neck of the woods – in a “deciding” state called Florida.

Regardless of how it turns out today (or perhaps in a few days, few weeks… who knows. Right?) …you might well be either delighted or in a funk.

And, as a specialist in emotions, I know that for many, even if you may perceive something as good happening in your life, your overactive mind can quickly cascade into “OMG, now what?!”

So I want to offer you a couple of tension relievers – whether you’re feeling good about the outcome or unsettled (yes, tension can come with the “good” feelings too).

The first – from a student who’s a fun and gifted artist, may bring a smile and the second – a link to what he’s referring to in his story board – a kick-ass meditation that will help you release the troubling emotion that has you in its grips (with or without cannabis, totally up to you). All you have to do is go to the link to experience it (this isn’t the exact practice he did – but one of my most popular. In fact, I’ll add some of the comments of people who experienced it).

So I’ll leave you with this mini-toolbox. Hit replay and let me know where you’re at with all this!

With Love,


TWO TENSION SOOTHERS (a smile and a stress reliever)

Aren’t these drawings a hoot? My student, who wishes to stay unnamed said this about the practice:

“I’m new to a lot of this but have been searching for a way to manage stress and calm my overactive/obsessive/anxious mind. I had no problem thinking up negative emotions and thoughts during the breathing exercise. And when I laid down after the exercise I immediately burst into tears! I haven’t cried in years and it felt like a dam had burst. They were sympathetic tears towards myself telling myself that I’m doing my best and that things have been tough lately. I was kind to myself and it was such a gift. I was in-tune with myself. I did these drawings to illustrate the experience…”


Take your choice. But I highly recommend the first one to checkout (with or without cananbis).

Emotion as Intuition, an Emotional Lib practice


“Thank you so much! I had such a powerful and transformative experience. I even reached out to my mother and sister who I have not spoken to it quite some time.”

– Johnny Flynn

“Such an excellent practice it’s amazing to conjure these feelings and not feel overwhelmed thank you for sharing these live changing practices with us.”  

– ClaiRebel33AwaQning

“My life changed wow”

– Julio Aldana

“Becca – These meditations are truly a beautiful gift. I just recently started doing these every other day for the past two weeks and I already see positive changes in myself. I look forward to start doing this every day for 40 days. Thank you for this wonderful practice.” 

– Cam Persephone

“This is so amazing!!! It was really nice. After the meditation my body got shaking a lot like a lot of energy running. Why is this? Thank you very much for this video.”

– Pamela Zamora

“This really helped me release something I’ve been struggling with! Thank you <3”  

– Jae Sevelius