“Now legalization is happening so fast, you’ve got to stand back and go, ‘This is weird. This is a trip.'”

– Steve Capper, co-creator of 420 lore

Who knew that the activity of 5 California high school guys 50 years ago would be the genesis of paying homage to cannabis?!
Back then, “420” was the code-word they made up to express: “let’s get together and smoke some cannabis” because 4:20pm was their gathering time after classes.

The 420 was reframed as April 20th, to become the unofficial observance of our remarkable cannabis plant here in the U.S. and elsewhere.

The 420 guys responsible for the secret stoner code that became the basis of a major holiday.

Of course, 420 goes beyond code for “Let’s go smoke a joint”

Although fun and celebratory, the 420 smoke-ins and smoke-outs over all these years have been high-profile CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE – a time-honored approach to raising consciousness about the plant and its remarkable properties for health, healing and well-being.

Our cannabis community is not counter-culture anymore; it’s not on the margins. In short, we’ve been growing up. And we’ve come to understand the tremendous cost of the lingering 50-year War on Drugs to our culture and how we’ve been robbed of research, medical applications and social justice.

In fact, we owe a lot to the dedicated and perseverant activists who’ve faced penalties, prison, raids and other assorted abuses to bring us to the tipping point of legalization of medical and adult use cannabis.
Personally, because of their groundwork, I’m able to widely offer my cannabis-assisted emotions release work. I’m grateful everyday that I get this opportunity to help people heal themselves of difficult emotions with the support of this incredible plant medicine.

With this progress in mind, I believe we might want to add to the 420 “wink-and-a-nod” celebration

As one of the original 420 guys, Steve Capper indicates in the quote at the top, the future is shaping up to be so much more than we could have imagined.

It’s great to light-up a preroll for 420 with a smile on our faces knowing that today we have more reason than ever to have a clear descriptive and impactful name for an occasion. I’m thinking something that transcends the legacy of a group of high school guys firing up a joint at 4:20 in the afternoon. Don’t get me wrong… the 420 designation has served us well. I’ve gone to my share of 420 events and loved every minute of it (well, except the massive snowstorm in Denver one year, but that’s another story).

How about “Cannabis Liberation Day”?

Or “Ode to the Plant”… or something like that honoring all the work it’s taken to get us this far? I invite you to drop down to the comments section and let me know what you think – and possibly a name for a new cannabis holiday?
With Love, Becca

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