“After the age of thirty, all psychological problems are spiritual in nature.”

– Carl Jung

Carl Jung, actually a student of Freud, is said to have rescued psychiatry and psychology from the grip of Freudian atheism. Jung pioneered the study of the unconscious, dreams and symbolism. He wrote about the archetypes of the unconscious and the nature of the healthy psyche (that is the Soul) and how much it requires a connection with the Divine, whatever that might look like to you… I refer to it as the Higher Self.

As his quote above indicates, Jung realized through his work with patients and clients, that the root of each problem was a spiritual cause related to a sense of separation from one’s Higher Self. He came to understand how this sense of separation ignites health issues.

Jung elegantly highlighted the interrelatedness of spirituality & psychology

In other words, Jung pioneered the understanding that spiritual wisdom is the healing source for what ails us. This is the thrust of what we do in Emotional Liberation® – focusing on the emotional pain and the troubling emotions that may be undermining your life.

If that sounds right-on to you, join me tomorrow evening and explore your Inner world so that you can clarify what needs to be healed in your life. I teach and guide it. We call it “Adulting Adventure” and embrace active meditation & cannabis plant medicine.

It’s effective and efficient for releasing difficult emotions of all kinds. If you’re being drawn to exploring a new way of living, I invite you to try this out. Our gatherings are a safe and nurturing environment where we can be ourselves and feel welcomed among like-minded others. It’s the best – as it gets so tiring pretending that we’re not feeling what we’re feeling. We gotta feel it so that we can release it.

If you haven’t connected with me yet to register for Thursday night’s gathering here’s the link. (If you have, you’re set to go!)

It’s my gift to our awakening community

Make sure you create a comfy private place for yourself and have your cannabis by your side if you’ll be partaking. Get ready for a deep dive that will put you in touch with your Higher Self to meet and release what’s knocking loudest on your head.

Jung would be proud;)

With Love,

What People Are Saying

“I especially enjoyed the activities that involved movement – it helped quiet my busy mind and is a nice change from traditional meditation.”
– Kyle S.
“It is so helpful to be able to use the [cannabis] medicine in a safe and sacred spot for its intended purpose.”
– Eric F.

“Becca you are welcoming and make the experience fun and enjoyable while releasing not so fun emotions!”
– Jan A.