How’s your temper? Do you have one? (In fact, the answer is yes – most people have a temper, even if they don’t think they do).

In our society the proverbial “bull in the china shop” gets all the Anger notoriety. However another prominent shade of Anger is the repressed complaining, blaming, whining, and irritated Anger. They’re both toxic – to you as well as others. In fact you might have a life long pattern of doing both?
Yet it’s not about Anger management. It’s next to impossible to say “I’m going to STOP this disturbing self-limiting behavior!”
And here’s the reason why: The purpose of anger whether it’s the expressed “bull in the china shop” kind or the low-key seething (that often happens around the
office water cooler) is about protecting ourselves from – get ready for it – a buried hurt, abuse, or being disrespected. In short, we don’t feel loved.
Getting angry is the default because it’s too devastating for us to feel the deep hurt, the abuse, the disrespect that somewhere along the line – likely in our young lives – crept in and left a lasting traumatic emotional mark. Even at the highest echelons where material “success” resides there are the stories of the anger ogres – Steve Jobs, Bobby Brown, Sean Penn, Naomi Campbell and on and on.
Anger is a hot and readily available punishing emotion that we armor ourselves with and (try to) get what we need even when the result leaves our personal, intimate, and professional relationships in smoldering shambles.
Does that feel like some psycho-babble that you don’t want any part of? Or does it resonate with you to explore this shadow side in order to release yourself from the tenacious grasp of anger and other difficult emotions?
Coming up later this month, we’ll be exploring and releasing Anger in my monthly [free] integration session. Regardless of where you are in the world, I invite you to register and join me for this Advanced Techniques event to release what is boiling under your anger. We invite the conscious use of cannabis and psilocybin microdosing (if you’re on a routine), to help you amplify the power of these remarkable practices.
With Love,

What Participants Are Saying:

“When we started I was jaded, frustrated, not super willing and a bit dissociated. I’m in something that looks like a relationship breakup. Now I feel clear and powerful and peaceful and EXCITED!”

– Matt G.

“How comfortable & welcoming the environment you provide & how safe it felt to experience feelings & movement of emotion. Thank you!”

– Sarah G.

“I felt calm and peace for sure in my normally racing mind. Also the physical work made me feel I had a force field of warmth protecting me.”

– John G.

“Becca is an engaging facilitator. She knows how to welcome people without being intrusive and knows how beginners might feel. She is encouraging without being condescending. The practices opened up some unmet needs and some emotions that want to stay buried. Amazing how that happens from just knowing some of the physical attachments to the spiritual plane. Thanks, Becca!”

– Jane L.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Psilocybin is a largely illegal substance and we do not encourage or condone its use where it is against the law. However we accept that illegal drug use occurs and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe. For that reason this information is designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use plant medicine.