Just a short note today as it’s the kick-off of our Winter Awakening Masterclass Course – there’s always an excitement and anticipation in the air for our group in coming together for the first class of our 8 weeks. So I’m busy with that.

But I wanted to share this with you because it makes so much sense – whether you’re into astrology or you couldn’t care less.

Back in the day, I got an astrology reading regularly – outlining the best times to do this or that (or not do this or that!). I planned my calendar accordingly – then something miraculous happened!

I learned how to become the master of my emotions

And when that happened, it didn’t matter whether we were in a Mercury retrograde or a Great Conjunction – because I was no longer at the mercy of my upsetting emotions. I knew how to read them because I became fluent in understanding what my emotions were telling me…
Anxiety, no problem. Depression, no problem. Anger, no problem. Shame and self-doubt, that’s a tough one, but no problem. Sadness and loneliness, another tough one, but no problem. Guilt, no problem.


So now, whatever comes, it’s all ok!

In fact, this is how emotions are suppose to work! You feel into what’s percolating up, identify which difficult emotions are poking at you, and then move into a place very quickly of release and relax.
It’s a practice we do through a specialized and active meditation form. And it’s bedrock in our Masterclass Courses – and will be top of mind as we kick-off later today.
We have students who are new and also who are returning to get up-close-and-personal with another set of emotions that we’re be exploring this 8-weeks – Depression/Cold Depression and Desire, which is about longings, addictions and numbing.
So anyway, I want to share this fun picture with you, which is a terrific reminder that regardless of what astrology sign you are, there is one singular thing you can do to help yourself in this New Year. 
In the coming weeks, I will show you how you can begin a meditation practice – even if you’ve tried unsuccessfully over the years (decades?). I’ll be offering some free sessions that will help you explore going inward as you have never been able to before.

Yes, cannabis plant medicine can be a potent ally in this work but for those who are a little uncertain about it, the cannabis is totally optional.

So more to come on that. Just keep an eye out for details 🙂 

With Love,

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