The first question to be answered in any potentially meaningful relationship is: “And how are you crazy?”

So, have you given it any thought: How ARE you crazy?

For me personally (just off the top of my head):

  • I can be aggressively controlling.
  • I can be judgmental (about others for sure – but often about myself).
  • I can be manipulative (sneaky ways to get you to do what I want).
  • I can hand-wring about every little thing.

This question (which we mostly are never asked and never answer) is vitally important because although most of us manage to look just fine, we all have an inner world that is often dark and difficult to navigate.

I teach emotional awareness because once you can identify your “crazy” then you can learn to let it go.

Recently, someone answered that question by telling me, “30+ years of PTSD has somewhat slightly affected my ability to form and maintain relationships.” When I probed and asked specifically what he thought it was about his behavior that sabotaged relationships, he couldn’t answer.

In order to be in touch with: “this is how I’m crazy”, it’s vital to be aware of the difficult emotions that you struggle with. Once you know that anger or anxiety or depression or low self-esteem or loneliness is your bogieman (or, if you’re like I was, several bogiemen), then we can begin the process of releasing ourselves from their tormenting clutches. The result is enhanced clarity and inner stability that leads to an enduring peaceful state of mind.

If you or a loved one are looking for relief from difficult emotions, do check out my site with these various practices to find relief through my Emotional Liberation work. The ancient and esoteric energizing practices we employ are likely nothing you’ve experienced before. And the additional lift of cannabis and/or psilocybin microdosing can help thin the boundary between the conscious and unconscious, amplifying our awareness and stimulating going inward while heightening the effects of the practices.

Let me know if you have questions by connecting with me here.

With Love, Becca

P.S. If you’re open to the opportunity to take a deep dive into emotional and trauma recovery, I invite you to put yourself on my wait list for upcoming courses.