There’s a shit show happening in the yoga community known as “Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan.”

After several months of speculation and accusations, a 3rd party investigation of Yogi Bhajan released its horrific findings – damning conclusions of widespread and on-going sexual abuse, molestation and rape.

The situation, when compared to another infamous sexual predator reveals the equation that’s created to get their needs met. I have more in this week’s blog.

Let me just say that I’m simply an interested observer in the whole Yogi Bhajan/ Kundalini Yoga scandal. My work with kundalini-like breathwork and movement and sound… is basically a different platform but nonetheless, has roots in India. And, by the way, so does the use of cannabis, which is another aspect of my work. But for now I want to look at this latest episode of Yogi Bhajan, who died back on 2004.

When I first thought about writing this, I was going to discuss the long line of spiritual teachers from the East who have taken advantage of their revered position and how their native homeland seeded this behavior in them. I touched on this in an earlier video – if you want to look – it’s called: Painful Lessons from Kundalini & Yogi Bhajan: Our Human Drive for Inner Growth Outside Ourselves.

Interestingly, at the same time I’m writing this, I’m just getting around to watching the Netflix documentary on Jeffrey Epstein, called Jeffrey Epstein, Filthy Rich. And, of course, it documents Jeffrey Epstein’s dark and seamy underworld as a sex predator – luring under-age girls with money, the rich and famous and trappings like private islands. Let’s face it, for a young girl who has a challenged and rough existence this had to be beyond their wildest desires.

So, a sexual predator is a sexual predator, whether they’re from Punjab, India or Upper Eastside, Manhattan. If Epstein’s lure was the trappings of glamor and the promise of a better life… Yogi Bhajan’s lure was also the promise of a better life, only his currency was the prospect of “spiritual development,” whatever that might mean – peace, emotional healing, transcendence.

Both men premised their acts of betrayal on creating a false sense of security to those lured into their webs of deception.

Yes, you could say, that Yogi Bhajan, seen as this paternal figure – and a gifted, evolved spiritual teacher – was even more dangerous than Epstein – because being in Yogi Bhajan’s company held the promise of intimate spiritual belonging… Love.

But, then again, the young females who Epstein attracted were also looking for Love. Not the spiritual flavor. But romantic love. Young and innocent, there were those who reported they loved Jeffrey Epstein and planned to marry him. Others realized early that the sex they were giving was not going to be repaid with love – or any other currency.

In the end, these two men – one from the East and one from the West knew what THEY wanted… uncomplicated sex, harvesting human bodies to fuel their enormous sensual appetites. Carnal knowledge. Not spiritual; not intimate – in the sense of intimacy touching something deep within, the way the term “making Love” is meant to mean. The relationships that both Yogi Bhajan and Jeffrey Epstein instigated was that of “intimate strangers.”

Their relationships were nothing more than transactional … “I give you this and I get sex.” But only THEY knew the equation was transactional. Those they preyed on were looking for genuine Love, safety, meaning in their lives, clarity. And were attracted to the promise of that – the empty promise of that.

But the Truth will free us… so I say: Let the healing begin in order to experience what real love feels like.

You have thoughts on this? regardless of whether you’re in the kundalini community … or see the connections I’m drawing here. Drop down to the comments section and let us know your thoughts.

I’m Becca Williams, and I want you to be so clear on what Love means to you in your life and how to claim it for yourself. And I’m here to help you do that.