Carsey, our crackerjack millennial community nurturer, showed me the hilarious “New Age Bullshit Generator” – as she knows how worthless I find most “New Age” approaches to genuinely helping us feel better.

The Generator affirms my dismissal of New Age approaches – and parodies dense and hard to understand spiritual speak. For example, Carsey got a good eye roll from this one:

“By condensing we exist. Rejuvenation is a constant.

You and I are starseeds of the totality.”


Take a moment to read the comments section and you’ll find laugh-hardy reactions to the Generator. For example:

• “This is pure gold. As a recovered New Ager, I couldn’t be more thrilled to know I’m not the only one who used to wonder, ‘What the hell are they talking about?'”

• “The perfect antidote to people who post this sort of thing on Facebook.”
• “This speaks like a politician! Phenomenal!”
• “My wife pays her ‘counselor’ to spew this nonsense! A waste of money.”

New Age “Positive Thinking”

New Age approaches come in countless “styles,” and often focus on “inspirational” motivational tools and how human and planetary conditions can be transformed by doing this or that. Since the 1970’s, New Age “spiritual” approaches have carried the (mostly unfulfilled) promise for making us feel better – a la The Secret, the law of attraction and other approaches that promise manifestation – that is, getting what you want simply by concentrating on it.

I personally wandered aimlessly in this New Age jungle for years trying to connect with something (anything!) to “fix myself.” In brilliant parody, the “New Age Bullshit Generator” mocks what it calls New Age poppycock, which has sucked-in countless people including myself looking for relief from unrelenting troubling emotions. In fact when you check-out the Generator and its comments – you’ll see a cascade of annoyed people who went down the dead end New Age path.

Yes, it would be very convenient if we could manipulate energy and turn it to meet our needs. Western minds are mystified by this prospect of mind training. But wonder if you say, “I want my dream job, I want my dream job” …and every time you say that there’s a rush of contradictory self-doubting thoughts such as, “I’ll never get my dream job,” or “I don’t deserve my dream job.”
As an emotions therapist, I know that this defeating attitude cannot be wished away. It has to be healed away. Fear, anxiety and self-doubt that are tethered to trauma can defeat our fondest intentions and frustrate our ability to get the things we want.
So first and foremost, we need to release the trauma that fogs our mind’s clear intentions – and that means healing ourselves of critical self-talk. But until we can do that, no amount of “spiritual talk” will get us to where we want to go. And the “New Age Bullshit Generator” will continue to ring true.
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