Carsey, my saucy millennial community manager, brought the “New Age Bullshit Generator” to my attention the other day as she knows how worthless I find most approaches are to genuinely making us feel better. The Generator endorses my dismissal of “woo woo” approaches as a blanket failure for making us feel better.

“Feel better” as in helping us cope with (and eventually master!) our emotions so that we’re not racked with anxiety, self-doubt, sadness, anger, etc.  – whatever emotions get in your way of living a life of emotional fluidity.

My definition of emotional fluidity is being able to receive any zinger flung your way and move gracefully through it. Like somebody saying or doing something or even a self-inflicted brain fart that might have triggered you into a mind fuck earlier. Emotional fluidity … a commodity in short supply in today’s frenetic and distracting environment. This is why I do what I do. I teach and support people in learning the language of emotions so they can be emotionally liberated. Imagine: No more triggers. No more trauma.

Anyway, since the 1970’s, New Age “spiritual” approaches have carried the (unfulfilled) promise for making us feel better (author Jed McKenna has had a field day with this in his trilogy: Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing,” which I did a video about a while back).

New Age approaches come in countless “styles” and often focus on “inspirational” motivational tools and how human and planetary conditions can be transformed by doing this or that. I personally wandered aimlessly in this New Age jungle for years, trying to connect with something (anything!) to “fix myself”.

In brilliant parody, the “New Age Bullshit Generator” mocks what it calls New Age poppycock, whichhas sucked-in countless people, including myself, looking for relief from unrelenting difficult emotions. In fact, when you check-out the Generator, also read the comments – a cascade of pissed-off people who went down the dead end New Age path.

Carsey’s favorite from the New Age Bullshit Generator: “By condensing, we exist. Rejuvenation is a constant. You and I are starseeds of the totality.”

Need I say more:)


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With Love, Becca