He was what you’d call a modern day mystic committed to waking up as many people as possible.

Waking up?

George I. Gurdjieff’s mission was to guide people living in the U.S. and Europe to higher consciousness believing that humans exist in a state of “waking sleep” – essentially held captive by the unruly emotions that run them.
Gurdjieff, a Russian who died in 1949 at the age of 83, was influenced heavily by Eastern esoteric teachings. Google “Gurdjieff” and you’ll find more than 2 million hits that will introduce you to the wide-ranging breadth of his spiritual work spanning various sects of Indian yoga, Sufism, Tibetan Buddhism, Eastern Christianity, and Zoroastrianism (from ancient Persia).
George I. Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff’s abrasive approach: intentional suffering

Gurdjieff believed that unpleasant emotions and unhappy life experiences could move people to a higher level of spiritual development – that adversity becomes an opportunity for enrichment. To do this, Gurdjieff would intentionally create friction and strong emotional reactions among his students by alternately praising and insulting them.
Some students were driven to anger and outrage, in others, he fueled their arrogance and ambition. But Gurdjieff believed that this abrasive technique catalyzed his students to reflect on their own emotions, reactions, and motivations, which ultimately allowed them to become more conscious and authentic human beings.
Instead of being resentful, he told his students, he was arousing their negative emotions as “healing medicine.” While some were intimidated and left, many more agreed that they felt better with this esoteric “healing medicine.”
As an emotions therapist, these accounts of Gurdjieff’s approaches were jaw-dropping to me as I would never deliberately say or do anything annoying to provoke – or in common day parlance – trigger somebody!

Gurdjieff was on to something – although a little harsh for my liking

It may sound hard to believe, but summoning your difficult emotions – in a safe and careful way – will help you lighten the load of whatever’s knocking loudest on our head. I lean heavily on Eastern wisdom as well –  engaging teachings and practices to access windows into other levels of consciousness for healing and feeling better. You can also amplify with cannabis – or if you’re currently microdosing with psilocybin mushrooms – to support your experience.
This Saturday is my monthly online community event: Advanced Techniques to Strengthen Your Mind, Brain, and Nervous System. I invite you to experience it or continue to experience – as many do. It’s my gift to our community.
Come enjoy it and see what it feels like to let go of the distressing thoughts that are tripping up your life. If you can’t attend live, register anyway and experience the event through the recording.
Questions? Connect with me here and I will answer you personally.
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What Participants Are Saying

What Participants Are Saying

“How comfortable & welcoming the environment you provide & how safe it felt to experience feelings & movement of emotion!”

 – Sarah G.

“I can not tell you how much I loved the work. I have already incorporated 2 of the breath practices into my daily meditation. I feel so alive when I am done.”

– Andrea D.

“Life changing. I was broken down to my inner child and rebuilt back up. Amazing experience. Becca is just such a wonderful person.”

– Andrew B.

“The event was extremely powerful and enjoyable. To go through such a diverse range of emotions and be fully present offers new perspectives and perceptions allowing previously unknown possibilities to become present.”
– Michael M.