The numerous health benefits derived from cannabis are being clinically established. However, the benefits of the plant in the realm referred to as “psycho-spiritual” are emergent.

Partaking of cannabis for exploration of higher consciousness and transformational healing is an esoteric area of the plant’s uses in our Western society. But cannabis has an ancient and revered history in Eastern traditions. Researchers have discovered that holy men in Southern Asia – India, Tibet, Nepal, Southern China – weaved the plant spirit into their meditations for deep communing with the Divine.  

Today, we’re discovering that intentional use of this sacred entheogen (a substance, often a plant, that inspires states of higher consciousness) can support transformational and awakening experiences.

This is more the art of the plant, than the science. Much of what is documented in regard to this emerges from the experiential and metaphysical domain, as the spiritual energetics of plants mostly fall outside the purview of Western science.

In my work as a guide and teacher of emotional release, it’s evident that cannabis can play various roles as a soothing and healing ally for the turbulent emotions that may be standing between you and more joy in your life.

I want to share them with you.

Five Ways Cannabis May be Your Choice as a Spirit Plant Ally:

1. Amplifies Emotion: Cannabis amplifies the turbulent emotions that are bothering you. If you have the drive to feel better about yourself and you possess the discipline to get close up and personal with your emotions – then you’ll appreciate that cannabis accentuates difficult feelings so that you have the ability to work with them.
2. Stimulates Going Inward: Cannabis stimulates us to seek sacred alone time. If we’re ready (even when we don’t have any idea we’re ready), the plant may nudge us to be more present with ourselves. This can actually be to the exclusion of others – that is, not wanting to be in other’s company. This can be a sign that emotional healing is awaiting you.
3. Heightens Effects of Meditation Practice: On an energetic level, our breath (known in Eastern cultures as pranayama, the life force) naturally anchors us to our intuition while slowing the mind. Communing with cannabis can amplify the effect of breath work, further putting you in touch with the emotions and feelings that are most “alive” within you.
4. Helps It All Sink In: Cannabis can accelerate integration – that is taking what you’ve uncovered and released during meditation and help you integrate these new realizations into your normal day-to-day life.
5.  Heightens your Intuition: Intuition is often described as another word for our Soul. Cannabis can support us in getting in touch and having a clear connection with our Soul.
Over all, working with cannabis in this context is about learning to strengthen your connection with your deeply resourced self and gaining the ability to access the wisdom that comes from going inward, listening and asking for guidance.
This, of course, can be done with or without the support of cannabis. I’ve found in my and others’ experience and exploration with this spirit plant, that especially CBD-dominate forms of the plant can be a potent catalyst for exploring and releasing the things that are holding us back from living life to it’s fullest.
If you have thoughts on this, comment below and connect with me!
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