I’m usually in a state of fill-in-the-blank (stuff like: anxiety, anger, depression, self-doubt, guilt, sadness), and it’s usually close to the surface. Am I going to be able to manage in this course?

My mission and vision is to offer the most efficient and effective approach to your emotional recovery, so I personally give you the tools and teach you the skills that put you in the driver's seat. This is vitally important because when we begin inviting up our feelings – and I'm not going to sugar-coat this –

How much time do I need to put in to fully benefit? 

As a clinician, I know that changing behaviors is challenging because it requires you to disrupt a current habit while simultaneously fostering a new unfamiliar set of actions. You will ease into this transformation as your new behaviors start to become automatic. During the 8-weeks we're together, we meet twice a week for 90-minutes.

I’m uncertain about doing this work in a group

Your privacy is my utmost concern. When you participate, you retain your anonymity by choosing the name and likeness of your favorite mythological or fantasy creature (for example, recent AKA's have included Thunderbird, Phoenix, Inanna, Airmid). Students enjoy this fun approach to their anonymity and say that our group environment builds safety, trust, confidence

Do I need to use plant medicine in doing this work?

Absolutely not. This work can be done with or without plant medicine. The experience of my previous and current participants in their own words is that their experience is "enhanced" by microdosing as it opens them more deeply to the introspection and resulting insights brought about by our work together. You can


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