I’ve watched more TV series over the last 18 (COVID) months than, really, ever in my life (how about you?).
Since my partner loves political and spy thrillers, I’ve bent my “no violence” TV watching rule to accept those with the least amount of gratuitous violence. But they all have full-on salty sailor language with the “F” word twisted into nouns, verbs and adjectives seemingly in every dialogue between two or more actors.
I can’t say I’m offended. For years I worked in newsrooms – and four-letter words were flung around like so much parade confetti. Once I left those environments though, it became clear that my potty mouth was not one of my more attractive attributes – so I launched a personal campaign to clean-up my language.
It was harder than I imagined actually because even though I wrote and reported for a living, I was sloppy about everyday conversation in how I spoke and how I said things. Spiritually speaking, I wasn’t attuned to my life-force energy that was calling for more integrity and awareness.
Recovering approval seeker reveling now in awareness and integrity

Life as a recovering “approval seeker”

But I now see things radically different from my perch as both a recovering approval seeker and an emotions therapist (btw, one is related to the other). In my emotional expansion master courses we discuss the importance of our words – how we communicate with others as well as the words we speak to ourself.
Having personally explored this, I trace my “salty language” period to a desperate need to impress, to shock, to standout as someone who was smart, cheeky and obviously worthy of the attention of the “cool people.”
As human beings, our primal and tribal ego default is to seek approval and avoid rejection. But seeking approval and avoiding rejection is exhausting and futile. When we do this, we’re not ourselves; we’re pretending to be somebody who we believe will draw people to like and approve of us. I did this for much of my life. Did I mention it’s exhausting and futile?  And it’s the origin of much of our out-of-control societal anxiety: “If you/they don’t like me, I’ll be a failure, unworthy of respect or acceptance. I can’t bear rejection!”
This all may be going on at a subconscious level. We just feel lonely, sad, incomplete, stuck (and dare I say, even suicidal) without connecting the dots. But we run fast to escape these tormenting emotions (toward our favorite coping mechanism – for example alcohol, eating, shopping, screens, porno, gambling, what’s yours?).
Yet as intent as we are to shake it, like the cartoon Road Runner, that persistent emotion is waiting for us at the finish line to retake our state of mind.

It doesn’t have to be like this

Once you learn how to (in the words of the late, great Bob Marley), emancipate yourself from mental slavery, approval seeking falls away and only your authentic Self remains. It’s a beautiful place from which to live life.
I offer a powerful way forward in doing this. Check it out here and if it resonates for you, I invite you to hop on my waitlist for early details and bonuses for my upcoming Fall Masterclass Course.
As for me and my language, I can still be a little racy in punctuating with a few choice words. But now it’s not about approval seeking – it’s simply me being risqué me 😜

What are your thoughts? What are you noticing about this in your life? Click here to let me know.

With Love,

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