What does “cannabis-assisted” emotions therapy look like without the cannabis?

Recently, I got that very question. It wouldn’t be the first. In this case, a woman who’s interested in my cannabis-assisted Emotional Expansion series connected with me.

“I’m not into cannabis,” she said, “but I sure do like the idea of training my mind by using my emotions.”

I’m certainly not going to push cannabis on anybody (lol! the word “pusher” is conjured – a left-over from the War on Drugs, eh?).

Yet, I see the remnants of that hard-to-shake stigma come up often – especially among two groups:  those who had ultra-religious upbringings and those who skew older.

Both, you could say, grapple with the guilt that the church and the government laid on them/us about the “devil’s weed”. It’s a tenacious and counter-productive belief, which goes against one’s best interests and well being. It’s generally a result of being unaware of the latest scientific research.

The Many faces of Cannabis

There’s a lot of confusion in using the word “cannabis” to describe this remarkably multi-dimensional plant medicine.

There’s THC, the bad boy of cannabis with his consciousness expanding euphoria.

And then CBD, the clean prom queen with her relax and rest embrace.

Oh and lest we forget all their fellow cannabinoids – well over 100 that weave in-and-out of this plant’s mystical make-up while dancing with countless other chemical comrades called terpenoids and flavonoids.

It can get mind boggling at times 

I don’t blame anybody for digging their heels in and saying “NO!” to cannabis. I see the stigma baggage that needs to be shaken.

So what I do is tell them the truth about my work:

Cannabis’ ability to facilitate brain and nervous system reorganization and healing aligns closely with the established benefits of meditation – and for many combining both together amplifies and accelerates the healing process. Cannabis itself isn’t the solution – it’s more like a mental lubricant that lets people get in touch with their subconscious.

In other words, cannabis is always optional. But because cannabis has such a strong safety profile, I invite people to experiment. First trying our approach without any cannabis and then slowly, if they wish, trying some CBD and if that goes over well, then CBD with small amounts of THC. Start low, go slow (and don’t be afraid to go all the way! …as one of my mentors likes to say).

Applying Direct Experience and Cannabis this Saturday! 

Wherever you are with your “cannabis acceptance profile” – an experienced eager explorer or a cannabis-naive curiosity seeker, I want to invite you to my special event this Saturday: Advanced Techniques to Strengthen Your Mind, Brain and Nervous System. My gift to you:)

The ticket to quelling the noise in your head is about strengthening your nervous system… and you can do that with or without cannabis. Come and try it on for size and feel the difference in just one “neuro-workout session”!

With Love,