Mystical traditions teach that there’s an infinite world inside of us – and the question for Western minds has always been, “How do I access that infinite Inner world?”
Of course, most of us know that meditation is the one approach recommended time and time again. But as I discuss in this blog, wonder if you can’t bring yourself to sit down, shut up and go inward?

Another word for meditation could be “going inward” – getting to know yourself. Being in touch with your intuition or that deep Inner knowing. Why would you do this?

Because it is the profound portal or doorway to being able to release all that stuff that makes you crazy, makes your personal and professional life suffer. And often the people around you miserable.

But, in my experience, there are many who are simply not cut out to do the quiet sitting – what’s called mindfulness meditation. I know. I was one of them. It throws people into a quandary. It did me. Actually feeling ashamed because it appears so many others are doing it. Why can’t I?! There must be something wrong with me.

My executive assistant, my beloved Carsey, who some of you know from my Online ceremonies had some choice words about mindfulness sitting:

“When I hear the word “meditation” my skin crawls. I think of how I need to work on my posture and I’m going to be terribly uncomfortable – so I won’t be able to clear my mind anyway. It just sounds crazy to me to plan 30 minutes of guaranteed anxiety.”

In our busy distracted world it is a tough assignment to sit down and shut up for even 5 minutes. And research shows that some who suffer from trauma can actually experience flashbacks, dissociation and re-traumatization in practicing quiet sustained attention to their inner world.

So, if any of this sounds familiar to you, I have an invitation for you to experience something different – a powerful and active meditation process for those who can’t get themselves to slow down and sit – despite knowing all the benefits like reducing stress.

My Emotional Liberation approach offers a super level of intensity to move stuck energy and off-load nagging stress and fear. And when you add thoughtful amounts of cannabis plant medicine to this equation, the effects can be amplified and accelerated.

You don’t have to accept what I’m saying. My gift to you is to try this out for yourself. I have a Cannabis Elevation Ceremony coming up and I want you to be my guest. Just go to the home page of my website, and register. That simple.

So leave me a comment below and let me know what your experience with meditation has been.

I’m Becca Williams and I want you to take magnificent care of yourself and I want to help you do that.