I was having a bite at my neighborhood Whole Foods when I glanced up and saw a greeting card carousal smack-dab in front me.

It was bursting with flowy affirmations cards. Stuff like:

• All you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust

• Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself 

• We only make this trip once and we really should make it count

and this old chestnut:

• There is a light at the end of the tunnel

Clearly, these cards are created to make you feel good. But being a teacher of the language of emotions, it strikes me how anxious we are to feel good (extra emphasis on the anxious). In our culture when we or someone else is hurting we want it to be all right ASAP!

God do I know. Back before I was emotionally liberated I was on a desperate search to feel good – because I was so emotionally dysregulated most of the time.

I’d embrace positive affirmations like they were rolls of numbing lozenges that I’d pop in my mouth relentlessly so I could stave off the unruly nagging emotions that would inevitably take over. Vision boards, posted sayings, hopeful readings, daily emails, be-all-that-you-can-be workshops. My enduring motto was “if I keep doing this long enough, leaving no stone unturned, maybe these troublesome emotions will go away.” (Note: no, they didn’t.)

Difficult Emotions Will Set You Free (if only you listen)

If you identify with what I’m saying, you personally know it’s exhausting – and actually futile. Why? Because, a revolutionary cutting-edge discovery indicates our difficult emotions are here for a reason. If you don’t listen to them, they will continue to resurface to clang your alarm bell regardless of how hard you try to mute them.

Once you begin listening and responding to them, whether it’s anger, anxiety, self-doubt and rejection, depression, grief, guilt – whatever’s knocking loudest on your head, they will release and you will feel relief. And then, an on-going short daily practice will lead you deeper and deeper into a state of clear, centered flow.


If you’re resonating with this and you can see this unproductive pattern in your own life, I invite you to begin a short “neuro-workout” practice everyday – it will pay dividends in how you feel. As a clinician I know that the biggest challenge is making it a habit … a new behavior. That’s why I offer you a playlist of YouTube videos. Simply pick one of these Emotional Liberation® practices and do it everyday. There’s an index on each video and once you familiarize yourself you can jump straight to the practice which is 11 or 16 minutes.

In fact, here are a few comments from people who are convinced

“Your meditations have helped me grow through one of the hardest times of my life. Thank you.”

– Nicole D.

“Hard for me to express in words how powerful this practice can be based on the level of surrender to the process… Thanks and Peace Becca.”

– Michael M.

“This has helped me immensely in trauma. Watching your videos has been a big inspiration in learning more about how this can help. Thank you!”

–  Cory C.

So Keep It Up (Or Get Started)!

My skills and passion for this healing work emerge from a synthesis of ancient sacred Eastern practice, cutting edge brain science and an enduring interest in the evolution of human consciousness. Most importantly, this Emotional Liberation® process healed me and that’s why I teach it as I see so much emotional suffering in our culture. So join me to discover how to surmount the difficult emotions that are derailing you occasionally, weekly, daily or incessantly.

I’m here for any other questions you might have. Just click here to connect with me.

With Love, Becca

P.S. Want the experience of working with your emotions to access higher states of consciousness for deep emotional healing? Join me for my monthly Advanced Techniques event! You can RSVP here for free.