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Learn How to Create Connection & Nurture Intimacy Leading to Sweet Love (Making)

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Since “intimate connection” is one of my specialties, I’ve had a lot of people asking me to do an event on intimacy. So I’m giving in and moving my schedule around for spring time!

It’ll be a fairly small and intimate group either ONLINE or in-person – I haven’t decided yet (but a spring retreat in Florida is pretty delicious:)

Regardless of your sexual orientation, if you’re churning relationships or can’t land one, consider joining me and a few like-minded others who also desire a new way forward.

I’ll take the best care of you – you’ll personally be in my field of nurturing and wellbeing as you consciously create a new version of yourself that draws other people to you.

As I’m putting a lid on the number of participants, if this resonates for you register now to get early bird details so you can assure your spot if you decide to take this ride with me!

With Love, Becca

P.S. If you know someone who also wants deeper connection and intimacy, share this with them so they can get their oar in the water.