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This agreement relates to Becca Williams’ Emotional Liberation Courses.

Please read the following information and agree to accept. If you have any questions connect with Becca.

This masterclass course is intended as a personal growth experience and should not be looked upon as a substitute for psychotherapy. It can involve deep experiences accompanied by strong emotional and physical release.

These practices are not appropriate for persons with cardiovascular problems including heart attacks, severe hypertension, severe mental illness, recent surgery or fractures, glaucoma, retinal detachment, osteoporosis, acute infectious illness, or epilepsy.

Emotional Liberation Participant Contract Release, Waiver, and Indemnity of Liability Agreement

I certify that I do not have any of the above medical or mental health contraindications and can safely participate in this course. I will stay hydrated and in good health.

I understand this Emotional Liberation masterclass course is intended as a personal growth experience and should not be used as a substitute for psychotherapy or medical treatment.

I understand that this course can involve deep experiences accompanied by strong emotional and physical release.

This agreement (“AGREEMENT”) is entered into by the Emotional Liberation Participant and Becca Williams International LLC, their officers, agents, principals, employees and volunteers (hereinafter collectively referred to as “BWI”).

I hereby agree as follows:

1. This agreement is made and entered into under the laws of the State of Florida and the United States and shall be interpreted, governed and enforced under and pursuant to these laws.

2. Participant agrees that should an action be brought against BWI for any reason whether to enforce the terms of this agreement or on some other basis, that all disputes between Participant and BWI will be litigated in Lee County, Florida and Participant waives any rights they may have in litigating in any other jurisdiction.

3. Participant has reviewed the medical contraindications outlined above and certifies that they do not have any medical or physical conditions which would impair or affect their ability to engage in any activities which would cause any risk of harm to Participant, other participants and/or BWI or otherwise endanger Participant’s health while participating in Emotional Liberation masterclass course activities.

Participant further agrees that it is Participant’s responsibility to maintain the accuracy and contemporaneousness of all relevant medical information. BWI will assume that Participant’s medical statement is correct until Participant files an updated one or has corrected the information. The medical information is fully incorporated by reference within this agreement.

4. Participant is aware that certain activities they may engage in during the Program are physically, emotionally and mentally challenging. Participant agrees to assume full responsibility for their own physical, emotional and mental health and holds harmless BWI from any physical, emotional and/or mental injury that may be attributed to Emotional Liberation activities. Participant further holds harmless BWI from any and all loss, liability, injury, damage or costs which may arise out of or in connection with participation in the Program.

5. Participant understands and agrees that they are attending the Program at the discretion of BWI and can be dismissed from the Program at any time without being informed of the reason for dismissal.

6. Participant waives, releases and discharges any and all claims, rights and/or causes of action which they now have or which may arise out of or in connection with participation in the Program as well as which may arise out of or in connection with Participant’s attendance and/or participation in the activities associated with the Program. Therefore, under no circumstance will Participant prosecute or present any claim for personal injury, property damage or any other cause of action against BWI.

7. This agreement is binding on Participant’s heirs, assignees, dependents, personal representatives, and estate.

8. No oral representations, statements or inducements have been made to Participant to cause them to enter into this agreement.

9. At the choosing of BWI any claim or controversy that arises out of or relates to this agreement, or the breach of it, may be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association. Such arbitration shall be binding upon the parties and Judgment upon the award rendered may be entered in any court with jurisdiction.

10. Should BWI be successful in bringing an action to enforce the terms hereof or successful in defending itself from a suit brought by Participant, BWI shall recover all costs and expenses incurred in such action, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

11. Should any provision of this agreement be held invalid or illegal, such illegality shall not invalidate the remainder of this Agreement. In that event, this Agreement shall be construed as if it did not contain the invalid or illegal part, and the rights and obligations of the parties shall be construed and enforced accordingly.

I have read this agreement and understand it contains release of all claims language for injuries and damages. I voluntarily sign my name evidencing acceptance of the provisions of this agreement. If English is not my native language I have either studied enough English to be able to read and understand this agreement, or I’ve had this agreement explained to me in my native language.

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