Despite the growing widespread acceptance of cannabis, my niche is still very esoteric. I suppose anytime you start discussing the mystical or spiritual, it can become an “eye roll” for many. (Personally, several years ago, I know it would have been for me!)
Recently, I was discussing my work with a high profile person who’s well known in the cannabis industry and a popular speaker on the conference circuit. It was surprising what this person had to say about the general acceptance – or more like lack of acceptance in using cannabis as I do in the psycho-spiritual realm. I have more to say about this in my blog this week:
As I describe it, there are, what I call, 3 waves of cannabis. The first wave is recreational – or now called Adult Use. And the second wave is medical – as in applying cannabis to what ails you – and research in this area, as we know, is exploding. Thank goodness.
And then there is what I do, which I call, the Third Wave of Cannabis and that’s the psycho-spiritual application of the plant. And this esoteric approach is essentially just coming into its own in our Western world. The term, Psycho-spiritual, refers to the overlap between psychological and spiritual disciplines.
And my work involves, what we call, cannabis-assisted psycho-spiritual therapy. I bring yoga – the union of mind, body and Soul – into the equation. It’s actually a form of, what we call, Yogic therapy, where we use breathwork and meditation techniques combined with cannabis to address mental and emotional issues. I teach and coach this stuff because it healed me of out-of-control emotions.
Anyway, it’s funny because I didn’t start out in the cannabis space like this. In fact, I was cannabis “mainstream” if you will … back in 2013, when I was producing and hosting a series of TV pilots called Marijuana Straight Talk. We covered the trajectory of cannabis legalization and the business growth around it.
But then, I was also studying the yoga-based psycho-spiritual work that I now practice. And I had an epiphany … where through this extraordinary work, I was healed of a lot of mood disorders … anxiety and depression being two of the big ones. In short, this healing made such a difference in my life that I just stopped the TV series and began the work that I now do, which is called: Cannabis-assisted psycho-spiritual therapy.
So for the last 6 years it’s been quite a ride. As a yogic therapist and clinical nutritionist, I’ve pioneered this emergent approach of using cannabis as a psycho-spiritual tool.
And I’m very excited about it … because of the difference it’s making in people’s lives. We embrace this approach to cannabis, informed by Western research, to manage and heal out-of-control emotions. So it’s a real thing.
Anyway, getting back to the piece about the mainstream cannabis industry – it was a stunning realization when I had this discussion with this well-known entrepreneur in the cannabis business world who attends and speaks at a lot of cannabis conferences.
I was excitedly talking to this person, who will remain anonymous, about this psycho-spiritual aspect of cannabis when they said to me, in a very thoughtful manner, that, you know, the general cannabis business world has no interest in this sort of Woo-Woo aspect of cannabis.
And particularly not at the industry conferences. I think I was talking about the possibility of holding a cannabis elevation gathering at one of the big conferences and introducing this aspect of it. No, this person said, once the day’s events are over, most everybody heads to the bar. There may be cannabis involved but it’s mostly drinking and smoking to just get “shit faced” … I think was the term. So there wouldn’t be, really any interest in what I do.
These are the conferences for the cannabis industry that are comprised of hard-core business building either selling cannabis in some shape or form or ancillary businesses that support the use of the plant – like how to grow it, or market it, or consulting and the like. So it’s a very pressured corporate environment … probably not unlike any other business-based conference.
So I’ve realized that, trying to convince the main stream cannabis business world of the validity of the way I work with cannabis is kind of fruitless actually. This psycho-spiritual “3rd wave of cannabis” doesn’t fit in with a mainstream structure that views cannabis as simply another commodity with lots of potential for revenue. In this mainstream industry view, cannabis is simply another means of revenue generation.
Now I know there are well intended people in the cannabis business but as I was told, the vast majority are following the money.
But it doesn’t matter how accepted or rejected my work with cannabis is in the cannabis mainstream. What I do is for regular people … people who want to learn the skillful use of their emotions and explore their true spiritual potential with the artful application of Yogic science – including the mystical and esoteric use of cannabis.
Well, I’ve just said a mouthful. What do you think? Does it make sense what I’m telling you? Are you familiar with the cannabis industry and see it differently? Drop down to the comments section and let me know.
I’m Becca Williams, and I want you to lead your most magnificent life and I want to help you.