As many of us believe, I agree that cannabis is here for our overall well-being. In the United States, or let’s say the Western World, lawmakers have created an artificial division between “medical” cannabis and “adult use” cannabis (what some call “recreational”). But there really is no difference… we just recognize the road to full legality is calling cannabis “medical.”
There’s a 3rd component of “cannabis well-being” that’s emerging – and I get a lot of questions about it. It’s one of the cornerstones of my work – the well-being that comes from cannabis’ ability to support deep inner healing of emotional pain – which is what I want to focus on this week:
Quick Start Guide to Conscious Cannabis

So I get a lot of letters in regard to my work with emotional release and trauma recovery where my method embraces Ancient Eastern traditions and cannabis plant medicine.

And I wanted to share this one with you and talk about it because it brings up a question I get a lot about cannabis causing anxiety.

So here’s the letter:

Hello Becca I am feeling such gratitude. After 35 years of no cannabis use I started up again for medical use (sleep).

Then I started using it for enjoyment and this quickly morphed into using it for meditation and Inquiry. AMAZING. 

I describe the feeling as being opened up, the armor dissolving or dropping temporarily…..and immense quiet in the mind.

I was feeling confused because it was clearly making emotions more pronounced – not dulling or sedating them.

And now it is very evident to me that cannabis is a spiritual tool that clearly works for me.

Because of your work I feel validated and clear – as in dropping the story that I’m doing something shameful or bad.

Love your honesty and sharing, Linda

You’re very welcome… and I’m an open book. There is a long and revered tradition in the East of using cannabis for achieving higher consciousness. Actually, I have a link to the article about that in my “Quick Start Guide to Conscious Cannabis” – so if you haven’t downloaded that yet… I invite you to do so – It’s on my website.

We as Westerners get confused about this idea of “higher consciousness” as these ancient cultures with their Holy men – think in terms of “Enlightenment”, which is a very confusing term for us as Westerners. I roamed around for decades looking for “enlightenment” when really what I was searching for was how to release difficult emotions and dysfunctional relationship patterns that kept my life in turmoil.

Then I found it. It’s what I teach today … emotional therapy – a training that emerges from ancient Eastern yogic tradition that is enhanced with the judicious use of cannabis plant medicine. This work includes a daring kind of meditation practice, because it’s stronger than the quiet sitting of mindfulness meditation. It’s a more masculine, challenging approach where we’re actively training both sides of the brain so that you can get to a point where you’re able to quickly get back to center and calmness. It creates emotional fluidity efficiently and effectively.

Now this is where the questions come up with cannabis and folks reporting to me that it’s causing them anxiety. This can be very true. We’re on the cutting edge of “conscious cannabis” … and it entails experimentation and exploration. And this is what we do in our groups …. focusing on what to do and how to do it. I call it “field reports” and I get field reports all the time. Thank you very much. Keep them coming.

What we’ve learned in regards to conscious exploration with cannabis is that you want to “start low” and go slow. In my Cannabis Elevation ceremonies, which serve as our laboratory, I suggest a 2-to-1 ratio of CBD to THC. This is a very gentle glide into this exploration with my emotional therapy. Now, for very sensitive individuals, much less THC is needed – like 20-to-1 …20 times more CBD than THC.

As Linda brought up in her letter, her experimentation with cannabis was, in her words, “clearly making emotions more pronounced – not dulling or sedating them”. And this is where the magic happens. That measured psycho-activity within the framework of our active meditations makes the difficult emotion that’s very present for you, accentuated to you and, as I say, “Meet it, greet it and release it”. The art comes in riding this energy. Now, if you take too much, just do less cannabis next time. We know that cannabis is very safe.

But a note here, I’m not a big proponent of the high THC distillate, that’s pure THC upwards to 80 and 90%. I’ve heard referred to as “Crack THC” and it’s not, in my opinion, a vehicle to higher consciousness. It’s a vehicle to numbing – and maybe that’s where you’re at at this point in your life.

What do you think? What have you discovered? Have you experimented? Got a field report? Drop down to the comments and let me know.

I’m Becca Williams and I want YOU to lead a magnificent life and I want to help you do that.