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Most people only know how to increase the benefits of cannabis by using more. However, this is not a sustainable solution because with increased dosage, tolerance to cannabis quickly develops. Many of the benefits of cannabis diminish with increased dosage, and abruptly high doses can actually worsen the symptoms one might be trying to alleviate.

We can work together to reverse your tolerance and increase your sensitivity to cannabis and help you find your optimal dosage.

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“With Becca’s Emotional Liberation coaching approach I gained new tools and felt safe enough to delve into the deeply buried emotions from my past. Through this work, I was able to meet and greet these difficult emotions without judgment, and question how they served me. This process allowed me to stand with my emotions introspectively and create new and effective ways to deal with them. Thank you for your love Becca!”

– Sharon Kusterer, Germany

“I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to be coached by Becca. Becca is one of the most compassionate generous talented and the wisest person I’ve ever met. I would highly recommend that you allow Becca to assist you along your journey of healing because I know she will give you all her heart without the slightest hesitation.”

– Donna Nicholas, USA

Everyone’s relationship to cannabis is different – from non-existent to long and enduring.

In my MasterMind groups and courses, I teach you the transformative art of going inward with cannabis plant medicine, amplifying the power of Awakening. Subscribe and join me for exploring this cutting-edge approach to emotional freedom that can flow into Enlightenment.