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Whether you’re totally new to cannabis or a long-time hand, let me support you in discovering your window for achieving maximum benefit for the purposes you’re intending. Your goal is to use the minimal amount of cannabis to experience optimal outcome.

Often, people only know how to increase the benefits of cannabis by using more. However, this isn’t a sound approach because upping the amount can quickly create a tolerance that decreases the cannabis’ effectiveness and increases its cost.

As a registered Dietitian and Nutritionist (RDN), I am equipped to offer you the latest cutting edge information and approaches so you can optimally embrace this remarkable healing plant in your life.

I invite you to schedule a 20-minute complimentary call below so that we can have a conversation about your desires and intentions.


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Everyone’s relationship to cannabis is different – from non-existent to long and enduring.

In my Emotional Liberation events, I find cannabis “micro-dosing” with CBD-rich flower gives a dynamic lift to our practices.  If you’ve been wondering about cannabis plant medicine as it relates to meditation, subscribe and join me for exploring this cutting-edge approach to emotional healing.