I refer to my Emotional Liberation® work as the “third wave” of cannabis. That is combining cannabis plant medicine with exploring our deeper consciousness, often referred to as “cannabis and spirituality” … a handy but not entirely accurate reference.

Technically, in the scientific realm, it’s called the “psycho-spiritual” use of the plant although I don’t particularly like this term either as “psycho” can conjure up that notoriously grisly shower scene from the Alfred Hitchcock film, Psycho. Not a pleasant association no matter how you cut it (pun intended).

At any rate, I refer to the first wave of cannabis that appeared on our radar screen as recreational – or as we call it now, “Adult Use” since recreational sounds too much like a playground with kids.

The second wave of cannabis is medical, that is treating health conditions with cannabis. This has been the sweet spot for introducing the plant to a wider and receptive audience and has created legitimization for its use as an agent of health and well being.

Yet, I believe cannabis serves as a therapeutic agent of health and well being across the spectrum of its applications. Even the stereotypical “stoner” culture is rooted in well being – escaping from the everyday realities of life’s challenges can certainly be therapeutic. (And if we’re talking about a psychological dependence on cannabis, I have certain thoughts on that too from my clinician’s perspective, which I’ll share with you at a later time.)

The Most Profound Use of Cannabis: Soul Journey Work

But circling back to the third wave, also described as “mindfulness” or “intentional” work with cannabis, may be the most stunning and profound application of this remarkably versatile and adaptable plant medicine. Yet its value in this respect is the least well known and reflects our society’s general ignorance of how to get in touch with our invisible inner life that taps into our intuition also known as our Soul.

My group master courses and 1-to-1 mentoring are about supporting you in the exploration of your deep inner resources so that you can shed self-limiting behaviors and emotional triggers that stand in the way of living in your magnificence.

An Invitation for Transformation

If you identify with any of the following I invite you to explore my website and consider joining me for my upcoming 8-week Season of YOUR Awakening Masterclass Course or, if it calls to you, the entire Master Series. You can find out more by going here.

• Cannabis is a mainstay in your life and you want to explore its role as a spiritual ally and emotional healing support

• You’re new to cannabis and desire an introduction to its transformative qualities as a sacred plant medicine

• You’re a mindfulness meditator and are curious how kundalini-like breath, movement and sound and (always optional) cannabis plant medicine can support your emotional wellbeing

• You’re seeking integration approaches before or after a psychedelic journey event

• You want to strengthen and condition your nervous system to optimize an upcoming psychedelic journey event

• You want to enliven your therapy sessions with new emotional “gold” that surfaces during your Emotional Liberation work.

Let me know if you have questions, connect with me:)

With Love, Becca