There’s a big difference between “judging” ourselves and “evaluating” ourselves. Judging is emotional in nature and is almost always negative. Evaluations are positive and help you decide what you want more of in your life and create a sense of connection.

The trick in figuring this out, as I talk about in this video reprise, is recognizing your “blind spots”:
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Blind spots – this idea that we’re doing stuff that we’re not really aware of has always intrigued me. Maybe because of my own history of “blind spots” over the years …. where I was doing something that was out of integrity with who I am but I wasn’t aware of it. And then through my personal work, it became clear to me.

The most recent example of this, is an on-going habit I’ve had of “over promising and under performing” – I began seeing this especially with my little team that I work with. I’d commit to having something completed or ready to go and then I’d let the deadline slip. I’d come up with excuse after excuse and let it drop.

Often blind spots serve as an invisible boundary that limits what we do. And when I took a closer look at this “over promising and under performing” what’s behind it is time management skills that aren’t the best. Importantly, that’s a solid evaluation – not a harsh judgment – as in I’m no good and I’ll never be. It’s that I carefully evaluated that I have this pattern of “Over promising and under performing”. AND I can do something about it. I intend to … double-down on better planning and prioritizing. Strengthen those skills.

So I learned this through personal evaluation. And you ask, “Becca, how do I personally evaluate what my blind spots are?”

You create personal awareness. How do I create personal awareness? There are many ways to do this and I on-goingly talk about them. But the biggest is the active meditation practices I teach paired with the judicious use of cannabis plant medicine.

If you’re curious about this I invite you to register for my monthly gathering where we talk about these approaches and then we do it together. Entirely my gift to you because my life’s work is to help others be all that they can be so their personal and professional lives flourish.

Interestingly, my awareness of this is in tandem with this New Year – this New Decade. So although not big on resolutions, I’m certainly reflecting on this behavior, what’s behind it and the best way to change it.


So, do you have something that you want to declare as a blind spot? … leave me a comment below and let me know what’s up. I’m Becca Williams and I want you to take good care of yourself and I want to help you do that.