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Why some people hate me 🙊

What I do isn't for everyone. That's probably an HUGE understatement. Why? Because I invite people to engage with me so they can learn to regulate and control their emotions.

The maverick doc who put medical cannabis on the map

As a child of Japanese decent, little Tod Mikuriya and his family were terrorized during World War II by the FBI and threatened to be sent to an internment camp. As a result of being singled out for being Japanese, Dr. Mikuriya recalled, “My sister and I were shot at, beaten up, spat upon, called names.

Do you prefer dogs to people (sometimes?)

We love our dogs. Your dog is likely your "close" friend. There are those who abuse their dogs – but even at that, Spot will retreat to a corner waiting for his master's summoning call – whether that'll be a welcoming hand or another hard kick.

Zoomby-ized! Are you one of the squawking dead?

Zoom Zoom … always all the time. Many of us were relying on it heavily before COVID-19 but now it's a necessity. In pre-COVID it used to be that we could take breaks between Zoom meetings at the office, skip on over to the water cooler and get some face-to-face, flesh-and-bones interaction.

Are you out of the cannabis closet? (and maybe you can’t be)

I'm out of the cannabis closet – and have been for about 6 years now. But even at that, I'm a Johnny-come-lately and give full loving credit to those courageous early advocates and activists whose shoulders we stand on today. I stepped up when it got easy – after decades of skulking around making