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Get in Touch with Your Crazy

The first question to be answered in any potentially meaningful relationship is: "And how are you crazy?" So, have you given it any thought: How ARE you crazy?

How Emotions Ravage Your Body

"When my anxiety ramps up, so does my eczema," one client told me. Skin eruptions, like psoriasis and eczema, are often a common complaint among folks who come to me for emotional release work.

Transformation supported by microdosing

When a person can learn to use their difficult emotions as their inner guidance system they can dramatically improve their lives and their wellbeing. And in my work in helping people recover from difficult emotions, I continually explore the most efficient and effective approaches to emotional healing.

How does your “losing it” story go?

How do you present yourself to the outside world? Personally, I used to hide my emotional pain and look normal enough. Professional, successful, measured. But behind that facade lived my wounded self.

Spirituality & Cannabis: Joan Bello put it on the map for us

I started smoking marijuana early in college. A boyfriend turned me on to it and I never looked back. To this very day I medicate. However, far differently than back in those college days. Today I enjoy a toke or two before I go into meditation. I meditate straight too. I like to mix it up.


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