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The gobbledygook of “spiritual talk”

Have you noticed? Spirituality has a "language" all its own. And it can be impenetrable. As someone who over many years (decades) desperately tried to decode it to figure out how I could free myself of the anxiety, self-doubt and anger that ravaged my life, I grew weary of verbiage that came out of the mouths of holy men...

“Ghosting” is not the answer 👻

The hip term these days for people not getting back to you is “ghosting." As in “We had a couple dates and then they ghosted me.” But this isn’t about just dating – it’s about people in all kinds of other relationships with us… professional, family, friends who don't get back to us. Heck, you yourself might be a "ghoster"?

Clear your mind in 3 minutes 😃

Things can come out of the blue that can throw you for a loop and trigger you into feeling angry, hurt, scared, depressed or the like. You know what I mean? In my monthly events, I always include what I call a "back pocket practice" …one you can pull out at any time to clear your mind and pull you back from the ledge to feel more centered.

There’s no escaping YOU

I love the story about the man who was traveling and met a farmer working in his field. He asked the farmer what the people in the next village were like. The farmer paused and looked up and asked "What were the people like in the last village you visited?"

The Beatles and psychedelics

The history of the legendary Beatles has been reignited in a new Netflix documentary called "Get Back." And in an intriguing interview with Terry Gross on her NPR show, Fresh Air, Paul McCartney talks about the Beatles' use of psychedelics and meditation.


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