More and more of my students are choosing to microdose psilocybin as a companion to our emotional release work – as it’s often believed to make the process more efficient. I tend to agree and that’s why, in addition to cannabis, microdosing psilocybin is an optional part of my program. But everybody makes their own decision about it.
And as I’m always looking for the most efficient and effective approaches to healing difficult emotions and the trauma that underpins them, I’ve created a Microdosing Journal to help you make the best of the medicine. I have more details in this week’s video – a long with the link to your Microdosing Journal:
Download Journal Here

In my work in helping people recover from difficult emotions, I am always exploring the most efficient and effective approaches to emotional healing. That’s my work and I love helping people dramatically improve their lives and their wellbeing. And everything I teach is the exact same path that I took to free myself from anxiety, self-doubt, anger, and other unruly emotions that undermined my self-confidence, my wellbeing affecting my personal and professional relationships. I’m happy to report that’s all behind me. And ultimately, I teach these tools to help people direct their mind to gain control of their inner world. That’s how transformation happens.

And, based on many people’s experience, psilocybin microdosing can really support this emotional release process. But to optimize it, microdosing is most beneficial when done with intention. And the best way to develop your intention is using a journal to keep track of your daily routine and how your moods change over time – so you can see how you’re doing and improving.

So I’ve created a journal for microdosing that includes important things for you to notice. As you use the journal, you’ll be able to check-in with a whole list of markers that include how’s your mood?, your energy level?, what are you noticing?, are you having wild dreams and good sleep or not so much? Are your senses heightened, maybe you’re seeing more vivid colors? What emotions are coming up for you?

You also have a place to note your dosage, what form are you taking it in. Information like that that helps you track your experience and history of what’s working, what’s not working and what’s working best.

… if and when you download it, you’re going see a fun, slightly goofy picture of me with mushrooms – as well as links to some of my videos about microdosing. I’m in a cross-legged meditation position and it’s because I highly recommend that you do a short active meditation practice each day to move through and release emotions that may be coming up for you. In my master courses, I encourage a daily 11 minute “Neuro-workout” to tone the nervous system and accelerates the healing process.

I’m inviting you to do this as well and I offer a number of these “Neuro-workouts” that will support you in moving through the emotions that are coming up. You can find them on my website: under “Resources’ – it’s the first entry: Emotional Lib Practices

And I want to mention, this journal is made to help chart your microdosing exploration of course but also logging your exploration with cannabis – and you can use this journal as well WITHOUT the plant medicine to help you check in with yourself. After all that’s what it’s all about… building awareness so that you can feel what’s been bothering you, to do the work to process and release them.

I’m Becca Williams I want you to lead your most magnificent life and I want to help you do that.