Frequently asked questions coming from those who signed-up to get early notice:

About the psilocybin microdosing…

“Becca, do you offer guidance for someone like me who is totally inexperienced and has no resources to get something like this?”  

In short, yes. When you’re with me you will have all the necessary support you need to begin your microdosing regimen. Our group is in a closed and confidential environment where we can speak freely about these things and your anonymity is assured.
BTW, I get this question a lot and this is often the thorny part for most people. To the public, because of the delicate nature of it, I wish them luck in their search as I can’t say more in a public domain. But in the course, we explore it all!

What days and times?

For 8-weeks, we meet LIVE twice a week for 90-minutes starting Tuesday, Oct 5th and Saturday, Oct 9th.
On Tuesdays we meet at 2:30pm PT/5:30pm ET and on Saturdays 8am PT/11am ET.
On Saturdays I introduce a new experiential practice that we do together and during this time, cannabis is invited into the space to amplify and heighten the experiences of these profoundly healing practices (you’ll get full instruction on the intentional application of cannabis plant medicine).
On Tuesdays, the focus is on learning about the two difficult emotions we’re exploring in this 8-week module.

Which emotions will we be exploring in this 8-weeks and do I actively need to be wrestling with those to gain benefit?

I’ll start with the second part of the question first:  What you’ll be learning to do is experience emotions that are coming up for you so you can let go of your thoughts that are attached to them. We have a full range of extraordinary tools for this that I teach you to apply to whatever you’re feeling. What’s coming up for you will be coming up for you.
In this 8-weeks we’ll be focusing on Anger and Sadness/Loneliness where you’ll learn to use your Anger gracefully… your sadness and loneliness to heal hurts. This enables you to win friends & influence people.

What happens if I need to miss some sessions? Are they recorded?

The entire library of all our sessions are recorded and available to you on demand. Having said that, I want you with us live when you can be with us live … a lot of the magic happens in our live group dynamic. Although there are extenuating circumstances, a loose guideline is that I ask you to miss no more than 5 of our 16 live sessions.
I’m not being a meanie here 😜 … I just know as a clinician that when we are changing self-limiting behaviors and patterns, I want you to stay accountable to yourself so you can maintain your progress and optimize your transformation. Frankly, when we’re working with emotions that have been plaguing us for years, our natural tendency is to push them away and distract ourselves. We’re doing the opposite of this.
If and when you register for this 8-weeks, I take it as a sign that you are serious. And I’m serious too as I want you to align yourself with success in creating your new way of living.

I’m a little nervous about being in a group situation.

Your privacy is my utmost concern. When you participate you retain your anonymity by choosing the name and likeness of your favorite mythological or fantasy creature (for example, recent AKA’s have included Thunderbird, Phoenix, Inanna, Airmid). Students enjoy this fun approach to their anonymity and say that our group environment builds safety, trust, confidence and helps you understand that everyone has common emotional upsets and patterns from the past – and can heal them!
So those are the major questions that have been coming up. If you have others that are coming up, connect with me personally by clicking here.
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Note that this offer is only available until end of day today, Friday September 10th.
I hope you will go with your gut hit that called you to sign-up to take advantage of the early bird enrollment. You’ll thank yourself… for the rest of your magnificent life.
With Love,

What Students are Saying:

“With this emotions work the psilocybin microdosing helps me visualize effortlessly and just connect with everything. I go straight to the heart of being in touch with my emotions – it’s effortless and helps me see my true essence that’s hiding under all the armor and bring it forward.”
– Betsy W. Connecticut
“Your work is more valuable than ever and way ahead of its time. Please keep sharing this holistic medicine – that delicate dance between plant medicine and emotions – all in support of the ability to thrive in each moment we are blessed with breath.”
– Jennifer L, Costa Rica
“It’s strange that I never would have thought of myself as a person with low self esteem nor a woman who didn’t receive self love. But, though this course, as I review my upbringing as well as the life events that got me to this moment, I now understand how this realization is benefiting me. Thank you for all of the support and love!
– Kery W, Illinois
“This program has been a profoundly beneficial experience and is yielding significant changes for me. For me these practices in real life group settings are unparalleled.”
– Michael M, New Jersey

“Microdosing cannabis and psilocybin has been shown to enhance the process of neuroplasticity – the ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections in the brain to develop new patterns of thought and behavior helping to overcome limiting subconscious beliefs.”

– Becca Williams

In Becca’s Masterclass groups, courses and personal sessions, she helps people heal from emotional trauma through an immersive program that informs both the cognitive (brain) and the intuitive (your Inner guide). Her practice integrates cutting-edge neuroscience with ancient healing modalities utilizing expressive movement, meditation & breathwork techniques – with the judicious use of plant amplifiers. Subscribe and join Becca for exploring this revolutionary approach to Emotional Liberation®.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: Psilocybin is a largely illegal substance and we do not encourage or condone its use where it is against the law. However we accept that illegal drug use occurs and believe that offering responsible harm reduction information is imperative to keeping people safe. For that reason this information is designed to ensure the safety of those who decide to use plant medicine.