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Starting April 2022:

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What Students Are Saying

What Students Are Saying

This course challenges you to dive deep into your emotions and your spirit and find what makes you tick. The reward is knowing yourself. It’s made a big difference to me and my wife; my attitude has changed a lot.”

– David, California

“I’m excited to continue this “deep dive” work, as it truly is industrial strength healing! While it’s not always pretty or pleasant to witness the emotions that have troubled me, learning to become my own witness is essential. See them and feel them. Self assess. Let them come up and out, walk towards them, through them. Allow them – Grow!”

– Laura, Ireland

“I would absolutely recommend anyone to be working with Becca. She is an amazing spiritual teacher who has the techniques to help you go through and challenge yourself in areas where you want to grow.”

– Linda, Massachusetts

“It was time to learn more and dig deeper and that’s what this course does. It was pretty major. It gets to the heart of things right away.”

– Chris, California

“With this emotions work, the psilocybin microdosing helps me visualize effortlessly and just connect with everything. I go straight to the heart of being in touch with my emotions – it’s effortless and helps me see my true essence that’s hiding under all the armor and bring it forward.”
– Betsy W. Connecticut

“I loved the anonymity in Becca’s course because it allowed us to be vulnerable without being known. One of the things I most benefited from is the value of bringing strangers together in a space of learning and learning from each other in a really deep way through what Becca has provided.”

– Ingrid, Utah